Asigra Launches Hybrid Storage Partner Program

What's the best model for managed storage: On premise solutions or in the cloud/software as a service (SaaS)? Instead of forcing managed service providers and customers to choose one model or the other, many technology companies are offering up both options or hybrid options. The latest example comes from Asigra.

According to a release issued April 14, Asigra's Hybrid Partner Program allows partners to:

"select a blend of the most appropriate options for their business. Delivery selection includes reselling on-premise software; delivering Asigra-powered backup and recovery services; hosting Asigra-powered backup and recovery vaults, and offering Disaster Recovery (DR) services that include replication of Asigra-powered vaults and/or support for Asigra customers with installation, management and related services."
The partner program levels, according to the press statement, include:
  • Named Partner: Asigra partners that have a limited number of business opportunities in backup and recovery and leverage Asigra for competitive advantage;
  • VAR Hybrid Partner: Allows partners to resell the software platform and/or resell the managed backup services hosted by a 3D Hybrid partner;
  • MSP Hybrid Partner: Allows partners to resell the software platform and manage their own vault infrastructure for Cloud backup service delivery;
  • 3D Hybrid Partner: Allows partners to resell the platform and maintain a wholesale vault. 3D Hybrid Partner’s will support their own infrastructure for Cloud backup service delivery, and
  • FASTTRACK Partners: Any of the above which are provided additional benefits based on the execution of a consistent business relationship with Asigra.

Flexibility Counts

Asigra isn't alone in its hybrid approach. A few examples:
  • Fonality, which develops IP PBXes and managed VoIP services, trademarked the Hybrid-Hosted term based on the company's own product designs and business strategy.
  • Most traditional storage vendors -- such as Symantec and CA Inc. -- are evolving their channel programs to mix on-premise options with cloud options.
  • Emerging companies, such as Datacastle Corp. and Vembu, are helping VARs to develop managed storage services that can include on-premise and/or cloud components.
  • If you have an example I've overlooked, feel free to post a comment.
Clearly, the market is filled with hybrid approaches. But Asigra's decision to market aggressively around the hybrid concept caught my attention.

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