Artisan Infrastructure Launches Cloud DR, Quadruples Cloud Storage Capacity

Artisan Infrastructure, which provides “wholesale” infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to MSPs, has separately announced the launch of a disaster recovery (DR) template for their customers and the quadrupling of their storage cloud scalability to near-petabyte size to make use of it. Here’s the scoop.

The backup and DR template, based on Vision Solutions’ product line, is one of several that enables users of Artisan’s Cornerstone Virtual Personal Data Center (vPDC) platform to choose from numerous deployment plans and activate “almost overnight,” according to the press release. So while MSPs can roll their own, under Artisan’s model, they can also have the provider do the planning for them.

As for that enhanced scalability, Artisan says it was able to leverage NetApp technology to help customers reach near-petabyte sizes if that’s what’s needed, according to the press release. Administrators of vPDC deployments can manage their own NetApp file storage.

“This added storage capacity allows Artisan Infrastructure to scale exponentially, while providing our customers the capacity, performance and autonomy they demand,” Artisan Infrastructure President Brian Hierholzer said in a prepared statement.

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