Apprenda and Tenzing Partnership Helps ISVs Move to SaaS

Apprenda and Tenzing Partnership Helps ISVs Move to SaaS

Apprenda, which provides .NET cloud middleware, and Tenzing Managed IT Services have announced a strategic partnership. The goal? To provide ISVs an end-to-end platform designed to help quickly migrate their business to a SaaS model. Here are some details:

Apprenda's contribution, its SaaSGrid application server, already helps developers speed time-to-market by 40 percent to 60 percent, according to the official press release. Tenzing plans to pair SaaSGrid with its own EVEREST infrastructure-as-a-service platform, meaning it's a simple leap from cloud application development to deployment.

Said Apprenda Director of Business Development Devon Watson in a prepared statement:

By partnering with Tenzing, we offer an "out-of-the-box" platform that slashes time to revenue; solves both the upfront and ongoing technical and business challenges of delivering software-as-a-service; and reduces risk thanks to Tenzing's ability to support application-level SLAs.

Tenzing makes SaaS enablement services a big part of its business, and that same press release noted the company also will advise ISVs on how best to move to the cloud, including addressing business processes such as sales force and marketing.

The message of the Apprenda-Tenzing partnership is clear: If you're developing enterprise software, the time to move to the cloud is now, not later.

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