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Tier 3 Adds PaaS, Database Services to Enterprise Cloud

Brian Taylor

May 8, 2012

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Tier 3 Adds PaaS, Database Services to Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise cloud platform specialist Tier3 announced the latest release of its flagship Enterprise Cloud Platform, which now features Web Fabric, a multiple language and framework Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Tier 3 Enterprise Cloud is based on VMware vCloud and is designed to run back office and “line of business” applications in a secure virtual private cloud; it also has built-in disaster recovery functionality. In addition, Tier 3 announced Data Fabric, a high availability database-as-a-service (DbaaS) that will be in beta until June 1, 2012.

Data Fabric is slated to work with databases including Redis, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL and VMware vFabric Postgres, and in addition to a high-availability mode will feature auto-scaling and high performance with automated backups to simplify operational task management,

According to Tier 3, Web Fabric will give customers “the application development and deployment agility of cloud-based on-demand runtime environments, enabling developers to focus on business innovation without sacrificing stringent enterprise security requirements.”

Web Fabric features include: deploying and scaling web applications while using capabilities like high availability, disaster recovery, and application monitoring from New Relic; using the Web Fabric PaaS in a secure, isolated environment and running with Tier 3’s IaaS in private VLANs to support integration with business applications; the ability to leverage VMware Cloud Foundry and Iron Foundry to support a wide set of languages and frameworks such as .NET, Java, Node.js, Ruby, PHP and Python, while enabling interoperability between cloud platforms.

Last week Talkin’ Cloud had a briefing with Jared Wray, CTO and founder of Tier 3, and Wendy White, VP of Marketing. They noted that Tier 3 developed Iron Foundry as a .NET extension to Cloud Foundry, which also provided the company with strong PaaS experience prior to building Web Fabric.

During the call I asked about a quote from Wray in the pre-briefing materials regarding how PaaS adoption has slowed due to enterprise security requirements, despite the fact that companies are rapidly implementing hybrid clouds to migrate legacy applications. Wray responded:

“This is a big concern that we see with enterprises, where many times with PaaS vendors out there, they use a very shared network. That means as you consume applications, it’s kind of on a shared network. It’s using basically a back-end — there’s not true network isolation. With Tier 3, with the built-in secure multitenancy, and how we’ve enabled Web Fabric, they each get their own isolated instances of Web Fabric. So that really enables them to have all the benefits of PaaS, but also get the security they expect out of a virtual private cloud.”

At the end of March, we reported that Equinix and Tier 3 partnered to offer the Enterprise Cloud Platform through the Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers.

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