The Top Three Challenges Facing MSPs

The Top Three Challenges Facing MSPs

According to Ziff Davis Enterprise (Bright Future for Managed Service Providers, 2007), the top three issues facing MSPs today include: determining SLAs, pricing and transitioning customers to managed service.

Fortunately, MSPs can turn to key resources to help hone their skills, keep abreast of industry trends and learn from the experts. The unique needs of Managed Service Providers require access to strategic business insight for issues like business transformation, growth management, lead generation, sales training and positioning.

They also need to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry with immediate access to tools and resources that can help them to establish and maintain that competitive edge.

It is common in the industry for vendors to join forces with complementary technology solutions, training and education experts and resource providers in order to expand their capabilities and ensure the successful implementation and usage of their products or service. By pooling resources, companies can provide a complete end to end solution that is clearly greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Working closely with your customers, you discover the areas of assistance they may require that may be better served by partnering with an organization with that specialization. Teaming with industry leaders to deliver results programs targeted specifically to the unique needs of your customer can result in a comprehensive blueprint for success.

It’s equally important that the partners you choose share in your belief that partnering is a key success factor where your mutual customers are the definitive beneficiaries.

While many vendors such as Kaseya offer training, toolkits and other programs designed to aid the MSP, there are a variety of “MSP turned educators” that have significant value to add to the MSP community. Kaseya has created a program, The Kaseya Managed Service Resource Program that provides access to respected industry experts.

These resources assist our MSP Customers in transitioning, managing and growing their business. Augmenting the product training and education provided by Kaseya, the MSRP Partners bring a wealth of added value in sales & marketing, education, best practices and industry trends. It’s a win-win situation for us all when, by pooling resources, MSPs have a happy and vibrant business.

Dan ShaperoNote: Dan Shapero is Senior Vice President, Marketing at Kaseya. Guest blog entries such as this one are contributed on a monthly basis as part of’s Platinum sponsorship.

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