Remote PC Repair In 30 Seconds Or Less?

It's a claim with no guarantee -- but it certainly is catchy. Persystent Technologies of Tampa, Fla., says it has software that can remotely fix end-user PCs in 30 seconds or less. It sounds too good to be true. But IT Authorities, a neighboring managed service provider, has embraced Persystent's software. Here's why.

I haven't tested Persystent's software, but the company claims it can restore corrupted, changed or missing operating system and application files in 30 seconds or less.

According to a press release:

By automating the PC recovery and imaging process, Persystent Suite will enable IT Authorities to reduce the number of help desk calls, and potential “truck rolls” it needs to initiate to resolve issues at its customer sites.
In a way, my own credibility is on the line here. IT Authorities landed on last year's MSPmentor 100 list (we'll announce our second-annual MSPmentor 100 later today) and CEO Jason Caras landed on our MSPmentor 250 list in mid-2008.

Memo to Caras: Let me know if Persystent's software works as advertised.

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