Ready to Remotely Monitor and Manage SUSE Linux?

Ready to Remotely Monitor and Manage SUSE Linux?

Generally speaking, numerous remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools support remote Linux administration. But Opsview, an open source RMM solution, is making some noise in the SUSE Linux market. The noise comes as Attachmate acquires Novell, the keeper of SUSE Linux. Here's the update.

Yes, we've covered UK-based Opsview before. More recently, we've heard from a few European partners that are embracing Opsview. To build on that effort, Opsview has vowed to support SUSE Linux... in addition to existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) support. Opsview notes that SUSE Linux and RHEL represent over 90 percent of paid Linux server shipments. There's also a virtual appliance version of Opsview for Ubuntu Server -- an important addition, considering hosting providers like Rackspace say Ubuntu is the most frequently deployed Linux server platform within their data centers.

When we launched MSPmentor back in January 2008, we expected open source solutions to rapidly replace closed-source options within the managed services market. In retrospect, MSPmentor under-estimated the SMB channel's loyalty to Microsoft and closed-source commercial solutions.

Still, Linux and open source are influencing the MSP sector in multiple ways. Tools like N-able Technologies were built on Linux. Mobile platforms like Google Android, which MSPs increasingly support, were built atop Linux. And remote management of Linux servers is a must-have capability for most MSPs. We'll be watching to see if Opsview's SUSE Linux and RHEL support generates momentum with North American MSPs.

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