Nimsoft's CEO Masters the Art of Hype

Nimsoft's CEO Masters the Art of Hype

Gary Read NimsoftGary Read, CEO of Nimsoft, has our attention. His personal blog, dated March 12, mentions that the managed service platform provider...

... "has some huge news cooking."
That's quite a teaser line, Gary. What's going on? A merger? An acquisition? A big customer win? A product launch?

Gary's blog pushes beyond the limits of traditional PR. He's daring journalists, rivals and bloggers to do some digging to find out what's cooking at Nimsoft. As I mentioned in a March 7 entry, Gary's site is one of the better corporate MSP blogs on the Web -- because it's so un-corporate.

That's smart, since Nimsoft needs to generate tons of noise as it strives to compete with big, entrenched companies like BMC, HP, IBM and CA (among others).

Now that you've got our attention, Gary, would you care to share the big news with us first?
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