Autotask Online Community Attracts 16,000 Members

During his morning keynote session at Autotask Community Live, Chief Marketing Officer Bob Vogel offered some quick stats about the company's online community. In some ways, I think the community resembles an open source project. Here's why.

According to Vogel, the community has:

  • More than 16,000 active members
  • 1200 support and customer questions answered
  • been a central area for customers and Autotask to brainstorm on more than 800 product ideas
During the conference, multiple Autotask customers described how they contribute code, software widgets and ideas to the online community. Basically, an ISV (independent software vendor) market seems to be emerging in the community, and it's easy to anticipate a day when community members make the leap to an App Store model (a la Apple's iPhone model).

Of course, Autotask rivals and partners have communities of their own. Once the Autotask conference wraps, I'll reach out to the various players for updates on their community efforts.

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