VMworld: EMC's Memo to Service Providers

VMworld: EMC's Memo to Service Providers

At first glance, most of VMworld involved vendor news and a race to grab new customers. But if you listen closely to the right people, you'll hear plenty of perspectives for service providers. One case in point: EMC CTO and Chief Marketing Officer Chuck Hollis (pictured) claims this year's VMworld "changes the game for service providers." I'm not sure I agree. But here's the spin from Hollis.

First, take note of Hollis' personal blog: Service Provider Insider. On the one hand, it's written for IT departments that are becoming internal service providers. But on the other hand, Hollis also targets his message to external service providers. Among his assertions:

Of course, Hollis also offered EMC's perspectives on VMworld, and the implications for service providers. You'll find it all here in this blog post.

Extending VMware's Lead?

Instead of bowing to competition, Hollis says VMware continues to pull away from rivals. He writes:
"Yes, I'm far too close to this all (sampling bias pervades), but -- frankly -- I don't see any competitor slowing VMware down anytime soon.  Their track record up to this point speaks for itself, and their velocity appears to be increasing dramatically."
Still, rivals refuse to remain silent. Microsoft, for one, claims to be rapidly gaining market share vs. VMware.

So who do you believe? And is VMware really changing the rules for service providers? I can't say for sure. But at least Hollis took some time to direct his message to a hugely influential audience: Service Providers.

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