Momentum Telecom Billing Solution Targets MSPs, VARs

The partner-focused solution hopes to change how MSPs and VARs bill.

Moshe Beauford, Contributing Editor

June 12, 2024

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Momentum Telecom billing software

Momentum Telecom has launched a billing solution for managed service providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs) to streamline how they bill.

The company's head of marketing, Rick Garcia, says the Momentum Telecom billing offer enables MSPs and VARs to easily add Microsoft Teams Phone, Operator Connect and global internet services to their portfolio and bill for it with less complexity.

"One of the standout features of the Momentum Recharge program is our simplified and straightforward billing, as we understand the often complex billing processes that MSPs and VARs face," Garcia told Channel Futures.

Instead of dealing with considerable integrations and the intricacy of external billing systems, Garcia said, the freshly launched Momentum Telecom billing solution "consolidates everything into a single, easy-to-manage billing system."

Momentum's Rick Garcia

When asked why the company launched the Momentum Telecom billing solution now, Garcia conveyed that the timing felt right.

"It’s important for MSPs and VARs with customers who make up their business to be able to provide a portfolio of services, yet serve as the single vendor for customers.," he said.

Momentum Telecom Billing Solution, Teams Opportunity

Targeting some 320 million monthly active Microsoft Teams users and plenty of users who have yet to tap into their voice license, Garcia understands the massive opportunity ahead of partners namely MSPs and VARs who merely need to have a conversation to make that additional sale to activate Teams voice licensing.

He also said that regulatory complexities continue to create a convoluted process for partners who want to do the best work for their customers.

"With the proliferation of Teams, MSPs, and VARs want to continue supporting their existing customers," said Garcia, "but who do not want to have to go through all the regulatory, compliance and complex billing overhead to be able to deliver services like Teams Phone and Operator Connect."

Moreover, Garcia told Channel Futures that partners may not have an area of specialty in voice and could require deployment support for their customers.

Unpacking Benefits for Momentum Channel

Most channel partners fall into two categories: They are either a reseller of a product and do the heavy lifting on the regulatory compliance end to rebill or white label, or they go the agent route. Garcia said the new solution will "allow MSPs who are not resellers and do not want to do the regulatory heavy lifting to bill customers for telco services and be compliant on their bill." 

"In the end," he said, "the Momentum Telecom billing offer aims to let those partners bill telco services on 'their paper.'"

Garcia insists that this lets them promote their services to drive additional revenue streams.

G12 Acquisition Bringing New Partner Opportunities to Forefront

Eight months after Momentum's G12 acquisition, the MSP and managed network solutions provider is beefing up its efforts on the Microsoft Teams front, most notably via Operator Connect solutions, breathing fresh air into the lungs of partners seeking other revenue streams and simplified billing.

Other providers in the space also are capitalizing on the vast opportunity that is Operator Connect, with companies such as SIPPIO, 8x8, Fusion Connect and others all jumping on the bandwagon to extend some form of an Operator Connect offer.

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