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September 1, 2004

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Industry News

International VoIP Council, IPCC Merge

In an effort to increase the promotion and development of VoIP and packets communications markets and solutions, the International Packet Communications Consortium (IPCC) and International VoIP Council have combined forces. The resulting organization retains the IPCC name and structure.

“We decided that we could accomplish more if we joined forces with the IPCC, and our membership unanimously voted for the integration,” says Neal Shact, chairman of the International VoIP Council. Shact is moving into the new position of community developer, where he will work closely with Michael Khalilian, president and chairman of the IPCC.

“Their members are industry leaders whose dedication to VoIP and packet communications greatly enhances the IPCC community and the industry as a whole,” Khalilian says of the International VoIP Council. “We all agree that we will accomplish more with one unified voice on VoIP.”

The IPCC says member benefits include additional participants in its seven working groups and more opportunities to take part in VoIP educational events.

Nortel Networks Assists E-9-1-1 Research

The FCC has tasked Texas A&M University with identifying the so-called third stage of E9-1-1 deployment, and at least one vendor is donating its system to help with the research project. Nortel Networks is providing its Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) for the university to use in the public safety answering points (PSAPs) during practical trials. The aim of the research project is to drive enhanced emergency access for everevolving IP networks.

“We are essentially building the future of E9-1-1,” says Walt Magnussen, director, Telecommunications, Texas A&M University and co-chair, VoIP Working Group, Internet2. “We are taking a look at how networks will evolve and what will be the most reliable and efficient way to deliver E9-1-1 service. By bringing together both academia and industry participants, we can collaborate to create the most effective solution.”

The technology for E9-1-1 originally was designed for the traditional circuit-switched telephone network in which the telephones remain at a fixed location. One of the greatest advantages of VoIP is that it eliminates geographic boundaries traditionally associated with voice networks, allowing users to travel around the world while making and receiving phone calls as if they were at home. However, this has created some technical challenges for E9-1-1 services, including the ability to identify the caller’s location when an emergency call is made from a telephone or other device that does not remain fixed.

In March of this year, FCC Chairman Michael Powell urged the telecommunications industry to make the development of a nationwide VoIP E9-1-1 solution a top priority. Nortel Networks initially submitted a proposal to the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) to address key technology challenges. NENA has outlined a three-stage approach to resolving VoIP E9-1-1 issues. In its submission to NENA, Nortel Networks proposed a solution for the second stage - implementing a VoIP E9-1-1 solution that works with existing circuit-switched interfaces already deployed in the network.

Texas A&M is the official VoIP lab for the Internet 2 community, a consortium of 206 universities working with industry and government to develop advanced network applications. The project has received funding from the 911 board of Texas and the State of Virginia. In addition, Texas A&M has applied for a grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, a presidential advisory agency.

The trial using Nortel Networks’ MCS system in the PSAPs is scheduled for the first quarter of 2005.

“The need to quickly resolve regulatory uncertainty is paramount,” says Ken Pecot, general manager, carrier VoIP for Nortel Networks. “However, we have a responsibility to our community so societal obligations are not an afterthought. The preservation and improvement of the telephone network is essential to society. The FCC should consider what role it can play in consolidating E9-1-1 strategies across wireless, VoIP, wireline telephones and other devices. There may be great opportunities to maximize coverage and reduce costs.”

Contracts & Deals

ShoreTel Inc. has selected software from Telrex, a developer of VoIP recording and monitoring software, for its new ShoreTel5 IP PBX system. Telrex is providing ShoreTel with its CallRex VoIP call recording and monitoring solution. ShoreTel says CallRex is the only IP PBX call recording solution it will authorize.

Broadwing Communications LLC has chosen TeleGea Inc.’s VoIP Delivery Management Solution to support IP telephony services on its integrated platform.

Broadwing will use TeleGea’s solution for its VoIP service portfolio, and subscriber self-management support and scalable service provisioning. The Delivery Management Solution gives enterprise, service provide, midmarket and government customers Web-based portals, unified messaged, IP Centrex and voice VPNs.

CIENA Corp. and Laurel Networks Inc. say VoIP provider Voiceglo is using a joint CIENA/Laurel multiservice edge solution to support its GloPhone service. CIENA DN 7100 multiservice edge switches and Laurel ST200 service edge routers provide the voice switching, Internet routing and peering, quality of service, subscriber management and interface flexibility for GloPhone service to any Internetenabled computer worldwide. CIENA’s DN 7000 series multiservice edge switching platform provides frame relay, ATM, Ethernet, circuit emulation services (CES) and Multiprotocol Label Switching functionality. Laurel’s ST-series service edge routers support services including Internet access, transit and peering, advanced broadband, VoIP and more.

Service provider McLeodUSA Inc. has selected VoIP switching provider Telica Inc. to install its network gateway component for McLeodUSA’s new packet-based integrated access service. McLeodUSA chose the Telica PLUS Softswitch for its ability to support legacy POTS subscribers and Class 3 PSTN tandem services, as well as new VoIP customers on the same platform.

Axiowave Networks, developers of core/metro routing platforms for service providers, has deployed its XCR128 service convergence router across PowerNet Global Communications’ network. Axiowave says its XCR128 delivers 90 percent sustained wavelength use, and that the same percentage of total traffic can be premium services on the same egress link in the presence of oversubscribed data traffic. PowerNet Global says it chose the XCR128 for its ATM-grade performance and matching SLAs over IP networks that did not require wholesale changes.

Sunrise Telecom Pro.Tel Division, part of Sunrise Telecom Inc., has licensed VQmon call quality monitoring and analysis software from Telchemy Inc. Sunrise will use the technology with several of its VoIP test verification products, including NeTracker, 3GMaster and STT. VQmon analyses VoIP calls and generates call quality metrics such as listening and conversational quality scores, and diagnostic information on the severity and distribution of packet loss, discards and jitter.

Atreus Systems Inc. has signed an OEM agreement with Telcordia Technologies Inc. and is partnering with Broadsoft Inc. Telcordia will market and sell the Atreus xAuthority Service Fulfillment solution for VoIP and IP Centrex and messaging, as part of its Telcordia Elementive Portfolio. Meanwhile, Broadsoft is integrating its BroadWorks network communications platform with Atreus xAuthority to create a pre-packaged solution that automates the activation and provisioning of VoIP services.

Broadvox LLC, a VoIP provider, will use the Telica PLUS Compact Softswitch from Telica Inc. to enhance its VoIP infrastructure. Each PLUS softswitch provides more than 37,600 protected voice channels. The three PLUS Compact Softswitches will be deployed in Dallas, Los Angeles and New York. They will increase Broadvox’s network capacity and provide SS7 interconnect capability.

ATIS Seeks Open Standards for VoIP, Security

ATIS, a technical planning and standards development organization, has received unanimous approval and endorsement from its board of directors for two technical work plans that will produce open standards for VoIP and network security. The organization also is holding an industry symposium this month to seek participants in its pursuit.

“As an industry we needed to reach a definitive conclusion as to how carrier, service provider and private networks will support VoIP interoperability, as well as secure VoIP signaling and quality of service, among other issues,” says Bill Smith, CTO for BellSouth Corp. and chairman of the ATIS Board of Directors. “Over the last year the industry has worked in collaborative fashion to create these two important plans. Together the ATIS work plans will serve as the industry’s road map for the creation of needed technical and operational standards that support expediency in the deployment and security of new voice and data technologies and services.”

Included in the VoIP work plan is an end-toend interoperability reference model that assesses and outlines development efforts to be coordinated by ATIS regarding SIP-based signaling; service architecture and real-time service processing; wireless transport; inter-provider interfaces; routing services; and more.

The plan also calls for ATIS to develop a security operational guideline identifying the functions and information necessary to manage security-related services throughout the network infrastructure. There also is an assessment of security issues surrounding firewalls and Network Address Translators.

Financial News

European Connection Inc. (ECI) has acquired VoipAge Telecommunications LLC of Mobile, Ala. VoipAge provides wholesale and retail VoIP services to individual and business customers. ECI expanded its offerings to include VoipAge’s retail division that sells calling cards and VoIP-based dial-tone service over broadband. VoipAge operations remain intact, and are now the VoipAge division of ECI.

VoIP Inc. now owns DTNet Technologies Inc., a privately held company based in Tampa, Fla. DTNet is operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of VoIP Inc., which acquired 100 percent of DTNet Technologies’ stock in exchange for 2.5 million common shares of VoIP Inc. DTNet provides CPE to cable and DSL Internet providers throughout North America. VoIP Inc. provides VoIP CPE and services.

UK-based companies Georgetown Venture Partners (GVP) and Capital Partners Corporate Finance (CPCF) are raising funds and advising client companies on which mergers and acquisitions to pursue for VoIP equipment, software, applications and service providers. CPCF is a financial services group, while GVP is a group of private equity consultants that works with companies in VoIP and information technology communications. GVP collaborates with equipment, software, applications and service providers to raise expansion capital and facilitate trade sales.

Clarus Systems Inc., which provides automated testing solutions for IP telephony systems, has received $10 million in Series B funding led by Trident Capital with participation from Trinity Ventures, Mobius Venture Capital and other investors. Clarus plans to use the money to keep expanding its engineering, sales, marketing and channel development efforts. Last year, Clarus received $8.85 million in Series A funding from Trinity Ventures and Mobius Venture Capital.

Verizon Enters VoIP Market

The biggest local phone company in the United States has entered the VoIP market with its VoiceWing broadband phone service that will be available even to users outside the company’s footprint. Verizon Communications Inc. initially is offering VoiceWing in 139 markets in 33 states and the District of Columbia, says Bob Ingalls, president of Verizon’s retail markets group.

Customers who subscribe to VoiceWing and Verizon’s DSL service will receive the best pricing.

Ingalls said DSL consumers who sign up before Oct. 1 will get VoiceWing for $29.95 for the first six months; the price goes to $34.95 monthly thereafter. The price for customers without Verizon DSL will start at $34.95 per month and rise to $39.95 after the first six months. The cost of a broadband connection is not included in either price.

VoiceWing features include call logs, voice mail, click-to-dial, Speed Dial 10, enhanced call forwarding, feature scheduling and the ability to choose an alternate telephone number.

VoiceWing is available through Verizon’s Web site, so consumers outside the company’s footprint also can buy the service. “It will bring us new broadband and voice services customers, and it will give our existing customers new ways to get the most from their broadband connections,” Ingalls says.

The service is available in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and in the District of Columbia.

Netrake, SS8 Provide CALEA Compliance Solution

Netrake, provider of session controllers for VoIP networks, has partnered with SS8 Networks, developer of telecommunications signaling solutions, to help Tier 1 carriers and other service providers meet requirements of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA).

Netrakes nCite session controllers deliver intercept access points in the network with replication of media and/or signaling flows, while SS8 oversees administration and delivery. Federal agencies want access to VoIP networks to be as simple as access to traditional wireline services. However, Netrake and SS8 say, technical issues surrounding the replication of signaling and media streams of individuals under surveillance have barred CALEA’s implementation in VoIP networks. The companies add that as residential VoIP becomes more widespread, and as U.S. law enforcement agencies emphasize security, adhering to CALEA has become an immediate concern for service providers and their vendors.

“Our standards-based Xcipio security products are designed for ease of deployment and maintenance, providing carriers with a more cost-effective CALEA solution compared with other proprietary offerings,” says Paul Tinney, vice president and general manager of the Security Solutions Group at SS8 Networks. “In combination with Netrake’s high-performance session controllers, we can now optimize security operations giving service providers peace of mind, while they manage and grow their revenuebased enterprises.”

Total Call Introduces PC-to-Phone Product

Total Call International Inc. has launched its version of the VoIP phone, TotalCall IP, and says it is the only such service that maintains optimum sound quality with a dial-up Internet connection. A free trial is available through the company. Even though TotalCall maintains a partner program, it only offers TotalCall IP directly.

“Our technology allows our customers to experience full-duplex, high quality voice over the unmanaged Internet,” says Bruce Li, CTO. “Our product maintains high quality even with a poor Internet connection.”

TotalCall targets business and residential users.

Global Crossing Decommissions TDM Switches

Global Crossing Ltd. is steadily decommissioning its legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) switches and routing traffic on its VoIP network. The first TDM switch to go is in Chicago; the company will continue removing switches throughout the rest of this year and into 2005.

“This initiative aligns directly with our overarching goal of providing all our voice applications over our IP backbone, while still offering complete interoperability at the core and edge of our VoIP network,” says Dan Enright, Global Crossing’s executive vice president of operations.

Global Crossing hosts as much as 2.4 billion VoIP minutes each month, or approximately 40 percent of its total voice traffic. The company says its network is fully interoperable with its TDM backbone.

D-TAC Joins Carrius Program

D-TAC Corp., provider of operations support and billing systems, has joined Carrius Technologies’ Solution Developers partner program.

Carrius and D-TAC will sell a telephony solution that includes billing management and customer care for service providers, helping to reduce the cost of management and administration while accelerating VoIP growth.

VoIP network operators now can upgrade their networks by using the Carrius Compleat-200 intelligent IP gateways.

The Compleat-200 is scalable from 48 to 10,752 calls per shelf, and provides inter-working from PSTN-to-VoIP as well as VoIP-to- VoIP networks. Its protocol bridge supports CAS, ISDN PRI, SS7/C7, H.323 and SIP.

ISN Telcom Introduces ipFONE

ISN Telcom, a CLEC serving the United States and Latin America, has launched its ipFONE service. The VoIP phone offers unlimited local and domestic long-distance calls, and low international long-distance rates. ipFONE subscribers also make free calls to one another.

Individual packages start at $14.95 per month. For residential customers, ISN provides a telephone adapter that converts analog signals into digital ones. Business customers only need a broadband connection and a router to enable the service. ISN does not charge extra for features such as call waiting, call forwarding and voice mail.

ISN Telcom is teaming with BroadSoft Inc. to deploy that company’s BroadWorks VoIP. ISN also is partnering with Cisco Systems Inc. for gateways and Internet access devices.

NexTone, Broadsoft Deploy Joint Solutions

NexTone Communications, supplier of IP session management technologies, is working with BroadSoft Inc., provider of network communications platforms, to extend the service reach of VoIP applications. The companies say they want to overcome internetworking obstacles, such as SIP-to-H.323 interworking, so service providers can expand into new business and residential markets.

NexTone’s Multiprotocol Session Controller (MSC) normalizes VoIP traffic while securing network interconnects. BroadSoft’s BroadWorks technology simplifies deployments of services such as hosted PBX, IP Centrex and residential broadband, reducing time to market, Broadsoft says.

The two companies already have deployed joint solutions with service providers across the United States and Asia.

StanaPhone Offers Free Service

StanaPhone Communications LLC, part of Intermedia.NET Inc., is offering the beta version of its free Internet phone service.

The company anticipates some of its features eventually will require a paid subscription or prepayment.

StanaPhone currently offers consumers a free download and telephone number; the IP technology works with any PC headset or USB Internet phone, the company says. Calls among StanaPhone users are unlimited and free. Subscribers receive 100 free minutes of outgoing calls to regular and mobile telephone numbers each month. Like free e-mail accounts, subscribers with StanaPhone telephone numbers can keep them as long as they are used regularly. If the number remains idle for 45 days, StanaPhone terminates the number and the user’s account.

OSS Alliance Continues Growth

Juniper Networks continues to attract operations support systems (OSS) companies and software vendors to its OSS Alliance, which it formed to help operators manage their environments.

Atreus Systems has joined to deliver its IP services, and Xspedius Communications is relying on that partnership to help get its VoIP and VPN services to consumers.

The Atreus-Juniper alliance combines Junipers M & T-series, a routing platform, with Atreus’ service fulfillment solution to support development and delivery of advanced IP services.

Communications provider Xspedius Communications plans to use the outcome of that partnership to deliver a service portfolio that includes VoIP, VPN and advanced IT services to small and medium businesses in 45 markets.

Pingtel Forms Technical Advisory Board

Pingtel Corp., provider of open source communications solutions, has formed the Pingtel Technical Advisory Board. Members will work with the company’s executive management to provide external market and technical perspectives, as well as guidance in the IP telephony market.

The Technical Advisory Board members are:

  • Dave Anderson, CEO, Sendmail Inc.;

  • Jay Batson, Chairman, SIP Forum;

  • John Roese, CTO, Enterasys Networks Inc.;

  • Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO, dynamicsoft;

  • Bryan Sims, VP Business Development, Red Hat Inc.;

  • Douglas Wadkins, CTO, Edgewater Networks


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