Kudelski Debuts New Managed Security Services

The services will be delivered by its Cyber Fusion Centers (CFCs) in Switzerland and Phoenix.

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February 8, 2017

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Kudelski Debuts New Managed Security Services

**Editor’s Note: Channel Partners toured the new Kudelski Security U.S. headquarters in Phoenix when the facility was under construction last fall. Click here for our image gallery.**

PRESS RELEASE — CHESEAUX, Switzerland and PHOENIX (AZ), USA, February 8 2017 – Kudelski Security, the cybersecurity division within the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) and trusted innovator for the world’s most security-conscious organizations, today announced the availability of powerful, first-of-its kind Managed Security Services (MSS) delivered by its Cyber Fusion Centers (CFCs) in Switzerland and Phoenix. 

Kudelski Security’s offerings were designed from the ground up to address gaps in traditional managed security services provider (MSSP) approaches and deliver what organizations need most: the ability to reduce the time it takes to detect threats. Kudelski Security developed its MSS infrastructure, selected cutting-edge technologies and created unique methodology to meet security needs being created  by rapid business transformation, as well as to overcome modern cyber adversaries’ tactics, techniques and procedures. 


“Providing security monitoring on a 24/7 basis is no longer enough,” said Rich Fennessy, CEO of Kudelski Security. “Digital transformation continues to introduce new technology that accelerates business innovation and growth. However, it also leaves us exposed to the evolving risks of cybercrime. We need a new generation of services driven by an approach that seeks to identify and contain threats earlier on, before they damage business operations and reputation.”{ad}


The company powers its new MSS approach using advanced CFCs that provide the ability to fuse contextual threat intelligence with security-relevant data. This enables Kudelski Security service teams to more rapidly identify and respond to evasive threats and ensure clients have the vital information and forensic support they need for a quick, effective response.


“Kudelski Security is bringing a radical new approach to MSS, with an offering that promises to do what traditional MSSPs have historically struggled with: fast, accurate and predictive threat detection,” said Martha Vasquez, senior research analyst for IDC Infrastructure Services Research Practice. “Kudelski’s CFCs are able to analyze incredible amounts of data to accurately learn the habits and methodology of attackers, which enables them to detect and defend against potential threats while still in the pre-breach stage of the attack kill chain.”


Traditional MSSPs are not delivering the value that organizations need

The traditional focus on the breach stage of the attack kill chain is a key reason why the average breach goes undetected for 146 days. This gives cybercriminals time to process the full attack lifecycle and achieve their mission objectives, such as corporate espionage and data theft. 

“Our approach is unique, powerful and focused on driving value to client security teams,” said Alton Kizziah, vice president, global managed services, Kudelski Security. “We go beyond legacy MSSPs and take a non-linear approach to the attack kill chain that mirrors …


… the way attackers move. This enables us to combat advanced adversaries and disrupt their movements at progressively earlier stages of an attack.” 

Kudelski Security’s CFCs collect and analyze data relevant to an organization, as well as its vertical market. Leveraging its in-house Research & Development capabilities, analysts are able to contextualize findings and inject them into a custom-built analytics platform in order to deliver increasingly relevant and actionable content with recommended responses, thereby reducing time to detection and even discovering threats while still in the pre-breach phase.

Kudelski Security’s MSS offering includes the following services:

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence & Monitoring: The CFC fuses technical data with relevant threat, industry and business intelligence as soon as suspicious activity is detected on a client’s network. Threat Hunting and Analyst teams review alerts, analyze impact and investigate the potential root cause. The result is a detailed, tailored report providing CISOs and security teams the necessary contextual intelligence, security event data and expert recommendations to quickly and effectively respond to security threats and stop attackers in their tracks.

  • Full Security Device Management & Support: The CFC manages, monitors and maintains a wide range of security devices from leading technology vendors such as F5, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, RSA and LogRhythm. Kudelski Security’s vendor-certified experts act as an extension of the organization’s team, providing specialized, round-the-clock security device support and management, freeing up staff to focus on other initiatives.

  • Powerful Breach Detection & Response: Traditional proactive prevention has failed and attackers are now shifting their primary focus from the network toward the endpoint – the weakest link in most defenses. Data generated by CrowdStrike’s state-of-the-art Endpoint Detection & Response technology, and Illusive Networks’ advanced Attacker Deception platform, is automatically fused with third-party and proprietary threat intelligence. This enables the CFC to detect activities faster, confuse attackers, collect forensic data and contain the threat, while activating client incident response plans.

“Our strategic partnership with Kudelski Security equips joint customers with a unique opportunity to more effectively manage security operations, assets and be unequivocally prepared to stop breaches,” said George Kurtz, CrowdStrike’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “Kudelski Security’s innovative approach to delivering fast, agile and proactive MSS is a perfect fit for CrowdStrike’s cloud-native endpoint protection platform, and sets a new standard of effectiveness, efficiency and scalability in enterprise security.”{ad}


Kudelski Security’s MSS provide enterprises with scalable offerings, customizable to suit any organization’s unique business goals and environment. Intuitive, easy-to-use client portals provide CISOs and security leaders an instant view on their threat landscape. With real-time service updates, incident alerts, reports and a range of other resources, the services simplify management of security infrastructure and targeted threats and help minimize the impact of a breach.


For more information about Kudelski Security’s MSS and its CFC please visit: https://www.kudelskisecurity.com/services/managed-security


About Kudelski Security

Kudelski Security is the premier advisor and cybersecurity innovator for today’s most security-conscious organizations. Our long-term approach to client partnerships enables us to continuously evaluate their security posture to recommend solutions that reduce business risk, maintain compliance and increase overall security effectiveness. With clients that include Fortune 500 enterprises and government organizations in Europe and across the United States, we address the most complex environments through an unparalleled set of solution capabilities including advisory, technology, managed security services and custom innovation. For more information, visit www.kudelskisecurity.com.

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