Collaboration is Check Point’s No. 1 focus for 2024.

Edward Gately, Senior News Editor

March 7, 2024

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CHECK POINT CPX 2024 — On day one of CPX 2024, Check Point Software Technologies unveiled its new Harmony SaaS solution for safeguarding against SaaS-based threats.

Harmony SaaS offers protection by integrating into customers’ existing infrastructure and providing real-time threat prevention. With Harmony SaaS, organizations can safeguard their SaaS ecosystem against threats such as data theft and account takeover.

Eyal Manor, Check Point’s vice president of product management, tells us SaaS platforms can be especially vulnerable to attacks. There’s been an explosion in SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, and it has become a huge marketplace.

“In my organization, we have Microsoft 365, and say somebody has downloaded a specific tool, an add-in. Think about the thousands of email applications that you can download, and with each and every one of them, all they need is just a username and password and that's it, they get permissions to get your data, but you cannot track it,” he said. “You don't know what they take or where they store it, if they're legitimate or not. And what we are doing with Harmony SaaS, we are monitoring exactly these services that are connecting to your platform, and making sure that you will stay safe. If they are not safe, we will stop it. And if you have end users that are downloading, for example, illegitimate email applications, they will get stopped ... "

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If a token is stolen and somebody is using that in a suspicious way, Check Point will stop it, Manor said.

Check Point SaaS Threat Prevention 'Unique'

“Nobody does what we call SaaS interconnections threat prevention, and this is unique,” Manor said. “It helps partners in that it's very easy to demonstrate this value to their customers. You come in the morning, you connect, for example, your Microsoft 365, and by the afternoon, I show you that in your organization there are 70 different flavors of email clients. Some of them are from suspicious countries or suspicious vendors, and let's just wipe them. So it's nice, it's easy and it shows value.”

During his keynote, Gil Shwed, Check Point’s CEO and founder, said his company’s prevention-first strategy is built on the three Cs: comprehensive, consolidated and collaboration. Collaboration is Check Point’s No. 1 focus for 2024.

“We really need to take all the good things we do in the industry, all of the technologies, and make them work together because if we work in these multiple layers and we synchronize, and we act together in real time … we can prevent the attacks and we can utilize all of the technologies that we’re developing and that you’re using to the most extent,” he said. “The secret sauce here is the collaboration; it’s the only way to gain an advantage. Our ThreatCloud in the Check Point platform is truly collaborative, and it’s going to become more and more collaborative every day.”

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