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Soup or Salad? Baked Potato or Fries? Windows 7 or Android?

The VAR Guy

June 6, 2011

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Soup or Salad? Baked Potato or Fries? Windows 7 or Android?

The VAR Guy can’t help but check out the mobile trends that pop up during a partner conference. The Dell Storage Forum is no exception. During a kick-off dinner Sunday, June 5, the conversation turned to mobility — completely off-topic from the event, but here’s what Dell’s Channel Chief Greg Davis had to say about his Windows Phone 7, Android, the iPhone and a the future of mobile:

Davis loves his Dell Windows Phone 7, the Venue Pro, and spoke highly of the device and operating system. While admitting there are still a few kinks to work out, he’s happy Windows Phone 7 integrates flawlessly with Microsoft Exchange (as it should). Some of his favorite things about the Windows Phone 7 was the lack of clutter and a more streamlined interface. To Davis, the gridded icons and multiple folders of the Apple iOS is a bit too noisy. The VAR Guy asked Davis how he felt about essentially having a home screen layout dominated by only two columns of apps, and Davis replied the important stuff goes on the home screen, and since there are only so many apps he uses constantly it’s not an issue. He also sprinkled in some gentle praise for Android, enjoying the systemwide integration of information, but it was clear that Windows Phone 7 was Davis’ favorite.

Conversation then focused on the iPad, with some attendees suggesting the iPad is merely a consumption device. We’ve demonstrated how that’s not entirely true, depending on the task. However, one attendee noted, using the iWorks productivity suite on the iPad efficiently pretty much screams for an external keyboard, which negates the ‘convenience’ factor of the iPad over a laptop — something we’ve echoed as well.

Lastly, The VAR Guy stumbled into a conversation with one Dell Partner who revealed that e-Discovery company kCura had purchased 150 iPad 2’s for its employees to give them remote access. The partner noted kCura’s own IT department was happily managing the devices. Looking for a bit more confirmation, The VAR Guy stumbled upon a Facebook page — of all things — for kCura, including a snapshot of the iPad 2’s. Rest assured The VAR Guy will be reaching out to kCura for a bit more depth in the near future.

Bottom line? Mobile is making the world go round, and even consumer-level products are gaining massive attention in the workplace.

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