Keep Your Dongles Locked with the DongleLockbox

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April 29, 2011

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Keep Your Dongles Locked with the DongleLockbox

The VAR Guy sometimes finds strange press releases in his inbox, so today, he’s going to highlight one of them, since it seems useful. Picture it: You’re a VAR, MSP or even a small-business owner who happens to use a bunch of highly expensive software that validates licenses via USB dongles. Chances are, you keep those dongles locked up, or the computers they’re connected to locked down. But what if somehow those dongles get lost? Is there a safer or an easier way? DongleLockbox thinks so. Read on for the details …

It’s simple, really. The DongleLockbox, single or duo, is a tiny box with a combination lock, steel loop and a long USB cable sticking out of it. Inside the box is one or two USB ports that connect to the USB extension cable on the outside of the box. Loop the steel cord around something secure, pop in your dongles, lock up the box, plug in the USB cord to the computer, and you’re off to the races.

There’s a chance that right now you’re smacking your head saying, “Why didn’t I think of that? I could have made millions!” Indeed, The VAR Guy’s forehead is a little sore from doing the same thing.

Not only is it incredibly simple, it’s actually affordable: the single USB version costs $99, and the duo version is $149 — small price to pay for dongle security.

If swapping dongles is your thing, and protecting them from theft is top priority, this could be a good solution. Plus, it’s probably an easy sell and real value-add to customers who have multiple dongles. The VAR Guy especially sees promise for DongleLockbox in the educational market, since music software tends to use dongles of these types. In a computer lab of 20 computers with 20 or more kids, it’s easy to see how a dongle could grow legs or be destroyed. DongleLockbox is available through authorized dealers or directly from the company.

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