Marvell Eyes IoT Developers by Open Sourcing KinomaJS Code

Marvell Eyes IoT Developers by Open Sourcing KinomaJS Code

Marvell has made KinomaJS, a JavaScript platform for building apps for embedded devices, including IoT electronics, available under an open source Apache 2.0 license.

Electronics hardware vendor Marvell (MRVL) made a bid to speed up Internet of Things (IoT) app development this week with its decision to open source its KinomaJS platform for building JavaScript apps on Linux, Windows, Android, iOS and OS X.

KinomaJS has been in development for more than 10 years, according to Marvell, and is already widely used in embedded devices. But the company said its decision to make the source code for the platform publicly available will provide developers more flexibility, and simplify testing and maintenance, as they build apps for electronic devices, especially those that power the growing IoT world.

"Marvell is pleased to offer the dynamic KinomaJS application framework through open source. We are doing this to create new opportunities for our customers, from Fortune 50 companies to the innovators creating the next wave of connected devices including smart surfaces and wearables," said Weili Dai, president and co-founder of Marvell. "We hope that sharing our knowledge, experience and code will help grow the overall Internet of Things industry more quickly."

Marvell said it will continue "to stand behind KinomaJS, offering support to customers in their design, development, deployment and maintenance of the platform, as it always has, with its proprietary software solutions."

While the company has not specified exactly what role it will have in KinomaJS development and support going forward, the availability of the platform's code under an open source license—in this case, an Apache 2.0—is a boon for the open source community as IoT heats up. Other groups, including the Linux Foundation, are already hard at work promoting open source in the IoT space through projects such as IoTivity and developer events. KinomaJS's addition to the mix opens more opportunities for open source programmers in this arena.

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