MegaPath this week sold its wholesale business and national colocation aggregation network to private equity firm Pivotal Group

MegaPath this week sold its wholesale business and national colocation aggregation network to private equity firm Pivotal Group.

DH2i Adds Red Hat as a Technology Partner

Under the partnership, DH2i has now been certified with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 as it expands its strategic connections.

Workload management vendor DH2i has announced that it's now a Red Hat technology partner and is certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, giving customers more options for systems management, disaster recovery and other applications.

Under the deal, DH2i's applications have been tested and validated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, including DH2i's flagship DxEnterprise multi-platform workload management application. DxEnterprise helps reduce IT management complexity and allows data-tier portability from any host to any other host, wherever it is located, while also managing containers and other systems.   

The Red Hat partnership comes about a year after DH2i unveiled its first Linux support in 2017, Don Boxley, the company's CEO and founder, told Channel Futures. He called the partnership "a big deal" for the small company, which in its brief history had only focused on Microsoft Windows environments.

"Red Hat wants to be sure their customers have the latest and greatest tools for their customers, and they work with others to do that," said Boxley.

Don Boxley

The new partnership will also help DH2i expand its relationships with its partners and their customers through the addition of Red Hat certification, which will likely be popular with the channel, he said.

"Now [our channel partners] can tell a complete story about managing their workloads and making them highly available in a single system," said Boxley. "It gives them a great story to talk to their customers about and to tell how they can pull it all together."

The company already has existing collaboration relationships with Microsoft as an SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery Partner and with VMware in its Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program. DH2i is already certified as VMware-ready and is listed on the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX).

Additional partnerships are expected to be announced with AWS and Docker on July 17. DH2i has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) as a technology partner and also has been named a Docker technology partner, according to DH2i.

The latest partnerships will continue to add more options for channel partners and their customers when choosing their technology vendors, said Boxley.

In the past, when it came to high availability on Linux, many businesses often were left on their own to put all the systems together.

"What we are doing is making it easier to manage and run. Everything is now not just a science project anymore," he said.

George Crump, the president of research firm Storage Switzerland, told Channel Futures that the DH2i and Red Hat partnership will make it easier for channel vendors to sell products and services from DH2i because the Red Hat name is well-known and respected.

George Crump

"It gives DH2i a level of credibility," said Crump. "It will smooth it a little bit and make it easier for the channel to put the products together."

Crump said he sees DH2i as a company that's more interested in working to help customers than in racing to expand and then be acquired. That attitude is refreshing in today's IT environment, he added.

"I think this partnership is going to make it easier for channel people to be able to sell the company's products and moves them from being a virtually unknown company to now having credibility," said Crump. "Red Hat wouldn't do this if it wasn't a good product and if it didn't fit with their stack."

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