Dave Courbanou

May 6, 2010

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Linxter: Cloud Connection For SMTP

Here’s something a little different: Linxter (the cloud messaging platform) has announced  Cloud Connector for SMTP, which enables developers to actually route email along distributed endpoints when common port 25 isn’t available, or closed off because of security. Sound intriguing? In theory, Linxter’s approach could be useful for  MSPs. Here’s why.

The open source-based cloud connector for SMTP application is available for developers right here. Like mentioned earlier, the loud connector enables developers to shuffle email “securely and reliably” over public Internet, even when SMTP Port 25 is closed off, blocked off or just generally unavailable. You get everything you’d normally expect from e-mail though, so no worries. There’s message encryption, non-repudiation, file chunking and offline functionality. It’s all built into the solution already, too. Plus, control of message routing can be adjusted at a program level and the instance level with both one-way and duplex messaging supported.

Linxter’s press release touts its  “powerful feature set” that allows SMTP for…

“companies that need to implement trusted email exchange with external organizations and cannot afford to have emails rejected or quarantined; businesses that have applications running on hosted servers that they need to connect to in-network mail servers; and developers who need to email-enable a distributed client app and have those emails sent through their organization’s mail server instead of having the emails routed through their customer’s Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The point was also made that the SMTP Cloud Connector can also provide SMTP-enablement even if there’s no mail server available. A case study claims that companies can leverage their existing SMTP infrastructure without open relays, plus send mail from hosted environments with existing mail servers. On top of that….

“Since email can be verified by reverse-DNS lookup, this also helps reduce rejected messages due to anti-spam filters, even though they originate from widely distributed sources.”

Assuming Linxter’s solutions works as advertised, I do think it has potential for SMBs and larger companies.

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