ChartaCloud Technologies is partnering with Carbonite to help in-home caregivers automate processes, increase security, and ultimately spend more time focusing on what matters most: the health and well-being of their patients.

July 19, 2016

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ChartaCloud Partners with Carbonite for HIPAA Compliance, Ease of Use

ChartaCloud Technologies is partnering with Carbonite to help in-home caregivers automate processes, increase security, and ultimately spend more time focusing on what matters most: the health and well-being of their patients.

Founded in 2014 by Rob and Lauryn Schimmel, ChartaCloud provides two popular and easy-to-use electronic forms processing solutions for in-home care agencies. ChartaCloud also guides in-home care providers through the process of moving from paper to the electronic capture of protected healthcare information (PHI).

“We’re in an industry where there is a great opportunity to help the elderly population, pediatric patients and others in need of care,” said Lauryn Schimmel, Managing Director at ChartaCloud. “Our goal is to use all of our skills to help home-care providers improve their care.”

The first ChartaCloud solution allows home-care providers to go digital while still filling out a familiar paper form. Here’s how it works: The care provider uses a digital pen along with paper forms that are overlaid with a special grid pattern. The digital pen–which looks just like a regular pen–electronically captures everything written by the home-care provider. That data is submitted via a special docking station connected to a PC, laptop, a tablet or by Bluetooth technology over a wireless device.

ChartaCloud’s software converts the data into an Adobe PDF document that perfectly replicates the user’s handwriting on the original form. The hard copy can be left at the client’s home. The care provider’s central office receives the Adobe PDF electronically–and it’s automatically backed up and protected with Carbonite’s cloud backup service.

The second solution allows home-care providers to use tablet computers such as the Apple iPad for electronic forms processing. ChartaCloud specializes in the design of electronic forms that can replicate any home-care agency’s existing forms and workflows. When the user fills out the form on a tablet and taps “submit,” the form is immediately emailed back to the central office and backed up with Carbonite.

Support for HIPAA Compliance a Deciding Factor

Home-care agencies need backup solutions that provide support for the U.S. Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). Carbonite’s support for HIPAA compliance was a major factor in ChartaCloud’s decision to become a Carbonite Partner and to include Carbonite backup as a key component of its electronic forms processing solutions.

“Support for HIPAA compliance is fundamentally critical,” said Rob Schimmel, ChartaCloud’s Chief Operating Officer. “You can’t run a home healthcare business if you have HIPAA issues.”

Carbonite features that support HIPAA compliance include:

Offsite backup

Data backed up to the cloud with Carbonite is stored in highly secure, state-of-the-art data centers.


Data backed up with Carbonite is encrypted and sent over a secure connection. All data remains encrypted while in transmission and in storage.

Business Associate Agreement

Carbonite can provide covered entity users with a Business Associate Agreement that complies with federal standards.

“What’s great about this partnership with Carbonite is that it allows us to educate the customer,” Lauryn Schimmel added. “We’re not just saying, ‘Yes, this is HIPAA compliant.’ We can also show customers exactly how our solutions improve their compliance with HIPAA regulations and standards.”

Additional Carbonite benefits include:


Carbonite backup solutions are easy to deploy and simple to use. Once deployed, Carbonite Partners can easily monitor their clients’ usage through Carbonite’s Web-based management portal.


Carbonite offers powerful backup solutions at a price that makes sense for ChartaCloud and its clients. Plus, Carbonite solutions are easily bundled with complementary offerings. That gives partners like ChartaCloud the power and flexibility to create highly customized solutions for clients.


ChartaCloud’s customers love the fact that Carbonite automatically backs up files without them having to worry about it. This gives home-care providers the freedom to focus more time on patients and less time organizing and filing paper forms.

“Carbonite lets us leverage the power of the cloud to automate information backup and improve information security,” Lauryn Schimmel said. “Carbonite really is the perfect match for ChartaCloud.”

Ready to start protecting your clients with Carbonite backup and recovery solutions? Learn more about the benefits of the Carbonite Partner Program and become a partner today!

Mark Brunelli is a Senior Writer on Carbonite’s Corporate Marketing team. 


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