Stuck in a Rut? Top 6 Tips for MSP Growth

There’s no secret sauce to MSP success. But there are tried and tested ways MSPs can unlock growth, says TruMethods founder Gary Pica.

June 5, 2024

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Your growth as an MSP doesn’t lie in a service ticket.

Know the difference between a good and a bad customer.

If you don’t change, your business is not going to change.

These are a few words of wisdom from TruMethods founder Gary Pica directed toward MSPs looking to grow their businesses .

Pica recently spoke with Channel Futures in London at the first meeting of MSPs since the TruPeer program expanded into EMEA.

TruPeer is a framework for operating a high performing MSP business.

“Our peer members spend less time figuring things out, because we already have a proven process for the basic the framework. So they spend more time implementing and executing on those improvements in their business. And that’s why they go further faster,” said Pica. “If we can help remove their self-limiting beliefs, I’ve seen it change people’s lives — not just their businesses, which is amazing. This is a business about people and leaders and their teams. It’s not really about the MSP stuff.”

In London, Pica said European MSPs are closing the gap on their U.S. counterparts.

TruMethods' Gary Pica

“I’ve been coming here since 2009. Early on, the gap between the maturity level of U.S. MSPs and European MSPs was pretty wide. I’m saying five to seven years behind. But they’ve closed that gap —  maybe a couple years behind. Close enough that with our process, they can be equal now,” he said. “I feel like we played a role in the States of helping [the MSP] market. And I feel like the timing is perfect here.”

Pica maintained there’s “no secret sauce” to MSP success. But there are tried and tested ways MSPs can identify their problem areas and unlock growth. See our slideshow above to unlock some of Pica’s top tips for MSP growth.

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