Corporate Jargon: It’s a Love/Hate Thing

Verizon’s survey of opinions on and usage of common corporate jargon produced some interesting results.

January 14, 2021

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Corporate jargon — everyone uses it, and most people hate it or love it, or both. In its purest form, jargon is specialized terminology used within a particular industry or area of endeavor. In practice, however, jargon is frequently overused, sometimes even to the point of being irritating or distracting.

Most of us in the channel are careful to avoid using tech and telecom jargon with those outside the industry. But corporate jargon is another matter.

Verizon recently conducted a survey on opinions about and usage of common office jargon. Among their findings:

  • Men and women agree on their top five most-favored jargon and four out of five least-favored jargon.

  • Overall, men feel more strongly about jargon than women. On average, 15% of men expressed a dislike of it, compared to 11% of women.

  • Not liking a phrase doesn’t translate to not using a phrase. One in four (25%) respondents admitted being guilty of using a phrase they disliked.

Click through the gallery below to see what Verizon’s survey revealed to be the five phrase in the corporate jargon collection that people like the most — and the least.

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