What Adding an ITEM Solution to Your Portfolio Solves for You and Your Customer

ITEM allows enterprises to take control of their global IT spend and associated inventories across telecom, mobile and cloud.

April 18, 2022

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By Carmen Sorice


Carmen Sorice

More companies have more employees working from more places with more devices than ever before. This has been accelerated by the pandemic and challenges crept in across multiple technology platforms including telecom, mobile, and cloud. This is the new normal.

Fast Facts:

  • Telecom still represents 37% of enterprise IT spend according to Gartner.

  • Mobility of workers will increase from 78 million in 2020 to over 93 million in 2024.

  • Cloud budgets were overshot by 80% of companies due to lack of cost optimization, according to Gartner.

“Businesses of all sizes are grappling with how to manage all of their IT assets and expenses.  Remote workforces, digital transformations, cloud adoptions and mobile have led to increased complexity,” said Mark Denney, Chief Revenue Officer for Tangoe.

What Is ITEM?

Information Technology Expense Management (ITEM) allows enterprises to take control of their global IT spend and associated inventories across telecom, mobile and cloud. ITEM can help companies save up to 60% annually on technology expenses.

Large enterprises make up about two-thirds of TEM users due to complex national and international expense management requirements, but mid-size businesses today face issues that only plagued large enterprises two decades ago. Just like their larger counterparts, mid-size businesses are leveraging multiple cloud providers to power their business.

Many companies struggle to rein in their global IT spend and lack in-house expertise and scale. TEM vendors are a cost-efficient solution as the landscape is only getting more complicated. By 2025, there will be close to 40 billion connected devices driving businesses.

The ideal ITEM solution offers one unified environment for enterprise technology management. It should be able to handle your orders, invoices, inventory, expenses, and payment processing all in one place. A proper ITEM solution is designed to help you work smarter by:

  • Using automation to reduce the burden of manual, error-prone processes.

  • Optimizing your enterprise technology assets, paying your bills accurately, and saving money.

  • Delivering full visibility of your IT programs and assets so you can confidently make decisions and create reports.

  • Sourcing and deploying new devices, and expand programs as your enterprise grows.

  • Providing insight from industry leaders who make your business objectives their priority.

How ITEM Builds Confidence for You and Your Customer

With the changing technology landscape, it’s becoming more complex for businesses of all sizes to manually manage across the myriad of providers they need to run their business. That complexity can diminish an organizations confidence. Leaders lack confidence if they don’t trust their technology partners are billing them properly. That also breeds a lack of confidence in maximizing their voice and mobile resources.

Adding an ITEM solution to their portfolio would deliver a platform and advisory services to assure billing and asset management accuracy while also arming organizations with the data, the insights, and the tools they need to proceed confidently in the changing IT world.

An ITEM solution provides four layers of confidence for an organization.

  • Relevance – helping organizations sell more of what they already sell

  • Simplicity – make it easy to fit in with existing selling motions

  • Value – to the organization and to the customer

  • Predictable – trustworthy, no surprises

If you’re interested in adding an ITEM solution to your portfolio, start with an industry leader.

Nearly half of the Fortune 500 relies on Tangoe to work smarter, save money, and build confidence in their decisions. Tangoe delivers visibility and insight into customers’ environments, enabling partners to confidently address the customers concerns and challenges.

Talk to a Tangoe specialist today to find out how to simplify, manage, and optimize technology expenses and your organization so you can focus on what you do best.

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