Telarus launched a VoIP troubleshooting service.

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March 16, 2016

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Telarus Launches VXSupportLine

PRESS RELEASE — CHANNEL PARTNERS — Telarus, Inc. (Plexiglass Meeting Room 1 and a Pub Crawl Sponsor) technology services distributor (master agent) of hosted PBX, data, cloud, and data center services, today announced the launch of a revolutionary new VoIP self-help troubleshooting service called VXSupportLine.

VXSupportLine eliminates finger pointing between cloud applications and their suppliers. By enabling self-service users are empowered to improve their experience and suppliers are enabled to provide faster time to resolution. By building trust our suppliers sell more and their customers have a better experience. Self-help lowers time to resolution and decreases calls that are not their responsibility.

VXSupportLine is a web-based platform Telarus partners can use to test, diagnose, and assist their hosted UC customers in identifying network performance shortfalls that adversely affect VoIP quality. The service is provided by hosted VoIP suppliers who have installed testing beacons in their data centers.{ad}

“With more and more critical applications, especially VoIP, moving to the cloud, we feel it is important to provide the partner community with a tool to give them the ability to test the underlying network which is so critical to the user experience,” says Adam Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Telarus. “We feel strong that, by making this tool available to the public, we’ll be able to provide a valuable service to all channel partners both inside and outside of Telarus.”

VXSupportLine joins the likes of VXPulse (network monitoring), VXTracker (call accounting), VXSWAT (professional services), and VXDash (customized performance dashboards) in the VXSuite family of products Telarus acquired in September 2015.

“The service is relatively simple but powerful,” says Roger Blohm, president of VXSuite and EVP of Telarus. “With the click of a link, an end-user can temporarily turn their machine into a VoIP testing device that can send test calls to beacons installed in data centers. The test VoIP packets created by the end-user’s PC ride along the same path as a ‘real’ VoIP packet, traversing the entire network and recording the result. Based on this simple ‘pitch and catch’ test, VXSupportLine lets the user know if they should call their IT department, their ISP, and/or their hosted VoIP provider for assistance. This helps the end-user reach a quicker resolution, shortens the support cycle, and keeps the hosted VoIP providers service queue to a minimum, especially when the issues being encountered aren’t their fault.”

“We feel transparency will help us sell more,” says Roy Jackson, VP of channels for Jive Communications, a hosted VoIP provider headquartered in Orem, Utah. “We are excited to have people give us a shot, and to be able to be recognized for the money we’re investing on our peering arrangements. Our whole goal is to provide a better experience for our end-users, and VXSupportLine will show channel partners how well we perform.”

VXSupportLine can analyze millions of test calls and let the network providers know how they are performing against their peers. It will give the hosted VoIP providers advice on which network providers are the most popular for their services. This information will help them better allocate their network improvement dollars and give them the most bang for their buck.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use the VXSupportLine service join us at Channel Partners Expo in the registration area at meeting room MR1. We will be hosting classes every thirty minutes on the following topics:

  • VXSupportLine and TrustedSky

  • Circuit Monitoring

  • VXSuite Network Assessment

  • GeoQuote, Fiber Maps and the App

  • Why Telarus?

About Telarus
Telarus is a technology services distributor (master agent) who holds contracts with over 70 data, voice, and cloud providers. To help our partners “See What Others Can’t,” we have created and purchased tools to help them win more business. We offer our partners tools to help them win more business including:

  • complimentary monitoring of all circuits sourced through Telarus powered by VXSuite

  • real-time VoIP pre-assessment powered by VXSupportLine

  • GeoQuote real-time pricing tools to aide partners in the carrier selection and optimization process.

  • VXSuite pre-assessments to determine if a customer’s network is ready for the UC implementation being proposed

  • Cisco and ShoreTel certified cloud engineers to aide partners in complex hosted VoIP designs

Behind the scenes we offer our partners project management to ensure the services they order are turned up properly, as well as account management to assist end users with the carrier renewal process and to up-sell new services on their behalf. Telarus was voted the best master agent by the members of the Telecom Association for 2016 and is a top three channel partner for nearly all providers it represents. For more information on the Telarus partner program, please visit or call 877-346-3232.

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