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September 1, 1997

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Product News

Posted: 09/1997

Product News

Access Communications Releases AccessAbility

KAILUA, Hawaii–Access Communications Inc. has released
AccessAbility 4.5, an upgraded version of its current billing
program. Michael Colbert, president and CEO of Access
Communications, says, "AccessAbility utilizes Windows-based
client server billing applications with a complete integrated
sales and management, bidirectional switch interfacing."

AccessAbility now features over 900 new enhancements,
including Japanese language support, enhanced local exchange
carrier billing and automated broadcast fax billing. The program
provides services for 1+, 800, cellular, prepaid cellular,
Internet, debit cards and international callback. The core system
modules include customer sales, billing, service orders, receipts
and reminders, trouble reports and company setup. Optional
modules for the program include switch interfaces, carrier
reconciliation and traffic analysis.
Access Communications Inc.
146 Hekili St., Suite 202
Kailua, HI 96734
(800) 982-2454

Uninteruptible Power Products From MGE

COSTA MESA, Calif.–MGE UPS Systems Inc. has introduced
two uninterruptible power supply products to enhance its Pulsar
UPS product line. The Pulsar EL and ES+ series brings affordable
Windows ’95 Plug and Play power protection to the small business
and value server markets and provides protection against power
surges, interruptions and outages.

MGE’s Pulsar series offers smart battery management technology
giving longer back-up, fast recharge, increased battery life,
automatic battery testing and deep discharge protection. The unit
weighs 9 lbs. and is 1.8 inches wide, 11.2 inches wide and 11.4
inches deep. They can be configured for tower, under-monitor,
wall-mount or rack-mount installation. All EL and ES+ units are
Internet-ready with built-in fax/modem surge protection.
MGE UPS Systems Inc.
1660 Scenic Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 557-1636

Liebert Introduces DataPad OneStep

COLUMBUS, Ohio–Liebert Corp. has introduced the
DataPad OneStep, a modified version of the original DataPad. Both
versions are modular systems configured as self-contained
platforms. Critical hardware can be placed on top of both DataPad

The DataPad OneStep is a custom-sized raised platform that
provides a cable management solution and includes the following
features: more clearance between equipment racks and ceiling;
modular, build-as-you- need-it design; ease of installation; and
ease of relocation.

While DataPad includes UPS power protection, air conditioning
and SNMP communications incorporated in a modular platform, the
DataPad OneStep is used in applications where air conditioning
and power protection are obtained elsewhere or are not required.
Liebert Corp.
1050 Dearborn Drive
P.O. Box 29186
Columbus, OH 43229
(614) 888-0246

New SS7 For Telecommunications Techniques

GERMANTOWN, Md.–Telecommunications Techniques Corp., a
Dynatech company, has added the SS7 analysis option to the
FIREBERD 500 and ISUP statistics as well as expert event logging,
call tracing and report generation, ideal for provisioning,
troubleshooting, proactive maintenance and monitoring of SS7
links for all types of service providers.

The SS7 analysis option offers fast statistical analysis of
switch translations between access loop signaling protocols and
network signaling protocols. The SS7 analysis option complements
the FIREBERD 500’s integrated services digital network and TR-303
testing applications and adds to this LAN/WAN analyzer’s power as
a network service and signaling test instrument. The SS7 analysis
option is also useful for proactive maintenance, monitoring and
report generation.
Telecommunications Techniques Corp.
20400 Observation Drive
Germantown, MD 20876
(301) 353-1550

MGE Introduces Topaz P8 Power Conditioner

COSTA MESA, Calif.–Suitable for use in both office and
industrial environments, the Topaz P8 Power Conditioner from MGE
UPS Systems provides high-quality power with inherent surge
protection, noise filtering isolation and bi-directional harmonic

The Topaz P8 features tight voltage regulation, wide-input
voltage range, noise suppression and improved equipment
performance. It is designed for factory equipment, mini and
main-frame computers, automated teller machines, telephone
systems, process control systems, video and sound recording
equipment, and more. Engineered to eliminate power line problems
and protect equipment from everything short of a power outage,
Topaz P8 power conditioners protect equipment from surges up to
6,000 volts and meet American National Standards Institute
standards for computers with inputs as low as 65 percent.
MGE UPS Systems Inc.
1660 Scenic Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 557-1636

Heurikon Unveils Baja4700E

MADISON, Wis.–The Heurikon Division of Computer
Products Inc., a supplier of communications controllers and
high-speed communication interfaces, introduces the Baja4700E, a
BME-based central processing unit board offering high-memory
capacity and processing power for a wide range of complex
communications applications. Featuring the MIPS R4700 processor
and high performance VME64 interface, the Baja4700E is designed
for applications such as Advanced Intelligent Network switching,
network control, communications gateways and protocol processing.
As a communications subsystem, the Baja4700E can be used for
applications and protocol support, while the Fast Ethernet
interface provides the high-speed local area network (LAN)
connection to man- machine interfaces or is capable of
downloading data quickly and efficiently to the Baja base board.
The Baja4700E currently supports Wind River’s VxWorks real-time
operating system. Future operating system support will include
ISI’s pSOS system.
Computer Products Inc.
Heurikon Division
8310 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI 53717
(608) 831-5500

Affinitec Releases New Software Package

ST. LOUIS–Affinitec Call Center Systems, an AAC
company, has introduced AgentView 97 with SmartStats, a software
package that acquires, processes and displays data or statistics
from any source including single and multiple automatic call
distributor (ACD) systems and structured query language (SQL)

AgentView 97 is a real-time communications system for call
center management. Connected to the center’s ACD, it provides
call activity statistics for display on agent monitors and the
center’s wallboards. SmartStats adds open-source capability to
acquire data from any SQL- compatible database, process that data
into useful statistics and display the results in the call center
via wallboard displays. With this system, call center managers
can present additional information to agents in real- time,
whether these statistics indicate remaining inventory, sales
revenue per hour or call queue levels from competing centers or
groups within the company.
Affinitec Call Center Systems
18300 Von Karman Ave.
8th Floor
Irvine, CA 92612
(714) 756-2700

pc-plus Releases IDA Product Family

TEANECK, N.J.–pc-plus, an international organization
specializing in directory assistance and operator service
solutions, recently released the Internet Directory Access (IDA)
product family, IDA and Both are information systems
that combine traditional directory assistance with Internet
access and multimedia capabilities. pc-plus’ IDA systems unite
the power and scope of the Internet with search capabilities. IDA
provides listing retrieval via the World Wide Web, and
supplements traditional directory access with additional
information, making full use of the Internet’s multimedia
capabilities. The latest release of features an enhanced
graphical user interface with Java script as well as location
maps for listings in the United States, Switzerland and Germany.
Both IDA and are available for direct customer access to
the National Directory Inquiry System database via the Internet,
as well as for operator-assisted searches via the Internet.
pc-plus Communications
The Glenpointe Center West
4th Floor
Teaneck, NJ 07666
(201) 928-1212

IBM Enhances RS/6000

SOMERS, N.Y.–IBM announces new offerings for its
RS/6000 server family that can improve Internet security, speed
delivery of multimedia content over the Internet, advance the
development of Java programs on advanced interactive executive
(AIX) and ease installation of RS/6000 Internet servers.

The new offerings include: Webstalker Pro for AIX, software
designed to arm web servers from attacks that fire walls cannot
detect; IBM VideoCharger Server for AIX support for the entire
range of RS/6000 servers, including symmetric multiprocessor
servers and RS/6000 SP systems, as well as Windows NT clients;
and IBM SmoothStart Service for Lotus Domino on RS/6000, an IBM
Global Services offering to help customers quickly and easily
implement Lotus Domino Web servers.
RS/6000 Division
PO Box 100
Somers 3, Route 100
Somers, NY 10589
(800) 823-7426

CWI Offers Fully Managed ISDN Back-up Service

VIENNA, Va.–Cable & Wireless Inc. (CWI) now offers
a fully managed Nx56/64 Kbps integrated services digital network
(ISDN) dial back-up service, offering managed data customers a
flexible alternative to leased line-resilient access links.

CWI’s ISDN dial back-up service is based on hardware offered
by ADTRAN, a provider of high speed digital communication
equipment. Key features of the service include: ISDN line
verification, speeds from 56 Kbps to 512 Kbps, switched service
and DBU monitoring of primary circuit for restoration.
Cable & Wireless Inc.
8219 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, VA 22182
(800) 969-9998

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