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March 1, 2004

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Posted: 3/2004

Finally, Validation

I just read your article in the December 2003 edition of PHONE+. Interesting!
The Part Agent, Part Consultant piece is right on target. We entered into the
consulting market in 1997. Trusting clients kept asking for our help. We had to
start charging. Its now our core business. We feel validated! Convergence of
voice and data will continue to further develop the midmarket consulting
Gene Braun, President
DigiTel Communications, Louisville,
[email protected]

Identifying with the Issue

I love your article [Part Agent, Part Consultant, PHONE+ December 2003] and
Im ecstatic to see another share my problem. It takes a paragraph just to list
our services and two minutes to explain what it means!

By the way, PHONE+ is doing a great job. Keep up the good work.
Maxwell, President
Maxim DataTel, Sherman Oaks, Calif.
[email protected]

Follow the Money

I was quite interested in Mr. Russell Frisbys contribution to Soap Box in
your February 2004 PHONE+ issue, in particular the breakdown of how $1.7 billion
dollars has been spent.

I have a question regarding the line item fines, I presume the amount noted
was assessed, but was it actually paid? If the money was actually paid where did
it go? $1.5 billion is a lot of money to go somewhere! I hope it doesnt go into
some big political slush fund to benefit the bureaucrats collecting the money,
or the congressmen enacting the legislation to levy the fines.
Pulsar Communications, Inc., Dallas

Editors Note: Just because fines have been announced or assessed,
doesnt mean that every single one has been paid. However, where the money goes
for those that have been paid depends on what governmental body assessed the
fine. For instance, fines levied by the FCC, are paid to the U.S. Treasury. As
for state fines, the money would go into state treasuries or other funds,
according to the law of the particular state.

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