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May 1, 2000

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ExchangingThoughts onthe Exchange


Thoughts on
the Exchange

I was interested to read your recent article “Communications Breakdown” [in the Feb. 21 CompTel Daily on bandwidth exchanges]. You come to the same conclusion I did a year ago; all the proposed “exchanges” are not commodity exchanges at all.

Your observations are mostly correct except that regulation is not necessary to have a bona fide commodity exchange. There are vibrant functioning OTC markets in electricity, oil, pollution credits, industrial metals, rubber, etc. … The most significant characteristic of these markets is the creation of structure and standardization of trading terms. Only with these elements can markets truly grow.

With this in mind, we created Commerex.com and the Communications Clearing House Association (CCHA) a year ago. Commerex is a business-to-business e-commerce vertical hub for telecommunications. You may not have heard of us, but most of the top 50 telecom companies know us and have demonstrated keen interest in doing business on our platform.

Commerex.com was created by a mixed team of Wall Street trading and telecom professionals. It is a pure e-commerce exchange, modeled after the Chicago commodity exchanges and utilizing fully interactive trading software.

I invite you to investigate us. I believe you will find that the Commerex.com platform is truly the pure commodity exchange that the telecom industry needs.

Richard W. Kates
Commerex.com and Communications Clearing House Association
+1 212 485 1410
[email protected]

Introducing …

During recent months, three of PHONE+‘s editors have chosen to pursue other interests. Their replacements are on board and ready to work with you. They are:

Bruce Christian, Managing Editor

Bruce has 20 years’ reporting experience, 15 of which focused on the radio and television side of telecommunications. He spent two years as managing editor of a political advocacy magazine before joining PHONE+ in December. He can be reached at +1 480 990 1101 extension 1504, or
[email protected].

Stacy Lane Linkmeyer, News Editor

Stacy joined PHONE+ in February after working as a managing editor and writer for several other Virgo Publishing magazines. She has experience as a writer and editor for a wide range of industries. She has worked as a daily newspaper reporter covering topics from business to sports, and served as a copy editor for a major metropolitan daily. She also spent nearly two years as a press relations specialist for Intel. For PHONE+, Stacy will contribute feature and news stories, while managing the news sections of the publications and ensuring breaking stories are covered for PHONE+ online. She can be reached at
+1 480 990 1101 extension 1664, or [email protected].

Tara Seals, Channel Editor

Tara has a strong background in marketing and public relations that includes six years’ experience in copy and layout editing, as well as freelance writing, primarily within the IT industry. She joined PHONE+ in February to cover agency issues and to manage the Telecom Agents Group and its website
(www.telecomagentsgroup.com). Additionally,
she is the agent liaison for the AgENt Conference and Expo. Tara can be reached at
+1 480 990 1101 extension 1273, or [email protected].

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