3 Tips for Marketing Telecom With Videos

Video marketing can be an extremely impactful tool in B2B, even in a tech-centric industry like telecom.

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March 20, 2013

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3 Tips for Marketing Telecom With Videos

Angela LeavittBy Angela Leavitt

Many telecom professionals think video is only for B2C. The truth is that video marketing can also be an extremely impactful tool in B2B, even in a tech-centric industry like telecom.

Of course, you may not create the next viral video hit. You cant plan for the honey badger or the double rainbow. But, if you follow these three tips, video could add a powerful new tool to your marketing toolbox.

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Telecom

Before we dive headfirst into the how of video marketing for telecom, lets talk about the why.”

First, there are the search benefits of video. Did you know that YouTube is currently the Webs second largest search engine? The only search engine thats larger is Google which owns YouTube! Its no surprise then that Google loves it when you embed videos in your website or on your blog.

Second, videos are incredibly shareable. When you post a video on YouTube or on Facebook, its locked and loaded to go viral thanks to built-in like, share, tweet, and email buttons.

And, finally, theres sales. That is the whole point of marketing after all, right? Studies have shown that videos generate more click-throughs on emails, more sign-ups on event landing pages and more requests for information on product pages. All of those actions push your buyer down the funnel and toward a sale.

Convinced? Yay! Here are three tips for creating powerful marketing videos for your telecom agency.

1. Length: How long is too long?

Whether youre writing a case study or filming a video, this time-honored adage applies: Content is like a miniskirt it should be long enough to cover the necessities but short enough to keep things interesting.

The new service Vine lets you post six-second videos to Twitter. Wed recommend a bit more beef than that, so a video of between 90 seconds and three minutes should do the trick. If you run much longer, the subject matter may be better suited to two videos.

2. Production Value: This aint Avatar.

Dont overinvest time or money in your video. Often, youll get more bang for your buck by carrying a handheld digital camera around the office or talking into the Web camera on your laptop. Just make sure you show some personality or else it could be really boring. And remember, you will never bore someone into buying. And dont worry about mistakes. A tied tongue reinforces your humanity and genuineness in the minds of your viewers.

Remember that the video is worthless until its online. The longer you spend on scripting, filming and editing, the longer it takes to get your video in front of potential buyers.

3. Content: If only I had something to say

So, youve found a camera and blocked time on your calendar to film. Now, what should you talk about? Thats easy. Theres great, filmable content all around you. You just need to find it.

Ask a trusted client to sit for a short video testimonial. Use screen capture software to produce a product demo, tutorial, or how-to video. Do a series of interviews with internal subject matter experts. Or turn the camera on yourself for a talking head-style take on industry news or technology trends. The possibilities are endless. Only your imagination can limit your choices.

Whatever you choose to film, be sure to wrap it in a strong greeting and conclusion that includes your name, your businesss name, and a call to action with a phone number and/or Web address.

Angela Leavitt is the chief mojo-making officer for Mojo Marketing. With more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, and nearly four years in the telecom channel, Leavitt helps telecom companies design and execute effective strategies for social media, PR, branding, Web development and more.

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