Zimperium Empowers Mobile Device Security with Machine Learning

As mobile devices become more ubiquitous in the enterprise, MSSPs will need to turn to new technologies to combat the latest threats.

Frank J. Ohlhorst, IT Consultant, Editor-at-Large

December 1, 2018

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Mobile Security

When it comes to securing mobile devices, many MSPs are at a crossroads, unsure of how to proceed and with whom to partner. After all, mobile devices can be hard to secure and bring with them all sorts of liabilities; yet, enterprises still need to make sure that those devices are kept secure and are turning to MSSPs for help.

There are numerous different ways to tackle the mobile-device security issue, some of which may involve just deploying off the shelf  mobile-device management MDM solutions, and others that require a little bit of integration and, perhaps, cooperation with carriers and hardware vendors.

Yet, there are still issues where a solution may not be so cut and dried. Take for example the growing ubiquity of custom mobile applications, where enterprises in the throes of digital transformation are pushing line-of- business applications out to a mobile and remote workforce. Application developers, SaaS providers and MSPs who build those mobile apps are frequently struggling with how to successfully meet the critical need to protect sensitive data, reduce fraud and ensure security for mobile users in today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber-risk landscape.

“The mobile environment is fragmented with various [operating systems], browsers and hardware. It is evolving and presents new vulnerabilities and threats distinct from the web app environment,” said Dionisio Zumerle, sr director and Ayal Tirosh, sr principal analyst at Gartner. “App developers lack mobile expertise as well as a general understanding of the risks associated with mobile, and tend to directly transplant traditional application development practices to mobile. Their focus is on functionality, not security.”

However, new technologies are coming on the scene that will allow solution providers to incorporate security technology into custom applications and support the ever changing landscape of the mobile world. Take for example Zimperium, a purveyor of mobile-security solutions for the channel. The company, known for its enterprise mobile application security zIAP platform, has enhanced zIAP with new capabilities and features, making it easier to integrate into applications and provide threat protection that leverages machine learning and can deal with the latest global threats.


Zimperium’s Chris Dworkin

“zIAP is another industry-leading innovation from the Zimperium team which is aimed at protecting mobile devices with advanced machine-learning technology,” said Chris Dworkin, GM of mobile application security, Zimperium. “As companies increasingly rely on their mobile apps to represent their organizations and conduct commerce, it is imperative that these apps are protected from cyberthreats and attacks.”

The latest iteration of zIAP addresses those concerns by incorporating a SDK form factor, which simplifies integrating advanced security into custom applications. That means mobile applications can have security integrated directly into them, without the need for additional software or other add-ons.

Zimperium’s zIAP is powered by its patented z9 engine, which delivers on-device, machine learning-based detection to protect mobile applications and data at machine speed, without the delays and limitations of cloud-based solutions. z9 analyzes billions of data points from millions of devices to identify malicious behavior, and then creates sophisticated math models to enable on-device detection, allowing it to identify all attacks.

“z9 has detected every mobile exploit over the last five years, on-device and without requiring updates,” Dworkin added.

With the updated zIAP, solution providers now have another tool in their bandolier of security solutions, allowing them to engage with the growing digital-transformation market that is bringing forth mobile applications at an unprecedented rate. Zimperium’s Z Partner program is designed to empower partners to engage with their end users in a variety of ways through traditional resale, referral or managed services models.

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IT Consultant, Editor-at-Large

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