Rubrik 'Still Grounded' In Backup And Recovery

CEO Bipul Sinha says Rubrik fills a gap left by legacy cybersecurity and backup and recovery vendors.

Christine Horton, Contributing Editor

June 6, 2024

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Rubrik emphasized its backup and recovery focus.
Rubrik Virtual Event

RUBRIK FORWARD - Rubrik has allayed concerns that it is abandoning the backup and recovery market in favour of security.

Speaking at the firm’s annual global virtual event, Forward 2024, CEO Bipul Sinha referenced a customer who feared Rubrik “is tilting too much towards security, moving away from our roots in backup and recovery.”

Rubrik has positioned itself a zero trust data security vendor in recent years. Last year it launched a new partner program, Rubrik Transform, to help partners become trusted data security advisors. The goal is to improve customers’ cyber readiness, resilience and recovery.


However, Sinha said Rubrik is maintaining focus on its historical technology offerings.

“I’m a person who fundamentally believes that if you forget your roots, you belong nowhere. I’m here to tell you that Rubrik is still firmly grounded in backup and recovery," Sinha said.


The company went on to highlight its Azure data protection services, archival tier cloud storage automation options and 15-minute recovery point objectives for Rubrik Cloud Clusters.

But crucially, the CEO indicated that the gap that exists between cybersecurity and legacy backup and recovery is Rubrik’s sweet spot. He also went on to distance Rubrik from legacy vendors in both realms.

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“Traditionally, the cybersecurity industry has been busy building taller walls and wider moves across a variety of infrastructure layers, such as endpoint networks, applications in the hope to stop attacks. The strategy of the industry has been whoever has the biggest collection of prevention tools is the biggest winner. But … relying on prevention is a failure to plan,” said Sinha. “Businesses and companies must protect and secure the data itself. Because if your data is secure, your business continues to run.

“While the cybersecurity industry is trying to prevent attack, the legacy backup and recovery solutions were built for operational recovery such as human error or natural disasters. They were not designed to secure or recover against cyberattacks deliver reliable cyber recovery.”

Legacy Backup And Recovery Vulnerable To Attack

Sinha added that legacy backup and recovery systems are themselves vulnerable to cyberattacks.

“More data in new places means you have a bigger surface area of attack. In an era where data complexity and cyber threats evolve at breakneck speed, legacy vendors are struggling to keep up.”

Whereas he said Rubrik’s Security Cloud offering is built on three core principles: data resilience, data observability and data remediation.

“We are anticipating its needs setting the stage for future where data protection and cybersecurity converges seamlessly," he said.

He then pointed to the launch of Rubrik’s Enterprise Proactive Edition (EPE) supporting Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) for cloud, SaaS and on-premise environments. It follows the acquisition of DSPM vendor Laminar in 2023.

Sinha said the solution proactively identifies and mitigates risks to sensitive data exposure. “Businesses are now uniquely equipped to eliminate the fallout of an attack whether bad actors are trying to destroy or publicly expose your critical data,” he said.

Sinha’s comments follow Rubrik’s IPO in April.

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