MSPs should be looking for solutions that provide visibility and manageability across their entire client base.

August 1, 2018

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Building with many windows

Ransomware has been at the forefront of cybersecurity news for the past year, wreaking massive havoc on organizations of all sizes. According to recent VIPRE Security research, a ransomware attack usually resulted in one to two days of business-threatening downtime, which translates into a loss of nearly $20,000 in opportunity costs per month.

Dealing with the threat of ransomware and malware is challenging enough on its own. Solution providers seeking to mitigate attacks face even more complexity when forced to deal with siloed systems and data. To ensure that the operations and attack remediations are streamlined, MSPs should be seeking out solutions that provide visibility across their entire client base and centralize all management capabilities. Think of it as multi-tenant security.

When admins can access and manage ransomware attacks occurring at multiple sites from a single point of entry, they can drastically reduce the amount of time that they spend weekly on malware remediation issues. This, in turn, allows MSPs to provide a higher level of security and more value for their clients. 

Provide Better Security

When responding to a threat such as ransomware, it is essential to respond quickly. Admins must identify, contain and neutralize the threat as fast as possible. When using traditional security solutions, such as those found in the endpoint security space, MSPs must work through multiple instances of the same software solution for each site that they support.

These traditional endpoint solutions normally double the amount of time it takes to remediate attacks and could possibly mean more damage to systems. Additionally, many IT solution providers run extremely lean teams that are expected to produce the same results as their larger counterparts.

When using multi-tenant endpoint security solutions, MSPs can manage outbreaks across their entire client base. This cuts response times drastically, enabling MSPs to contain any threat with ease and transparency.

Better Security Provides Better Value

Multi-tenant security solutions reduce operational inefficiencies that can plague modern security services providers. Further, with the amount of time spent on malware attack remediation reduced, MSPs can provide greater value to their business and clients.

What are some of these inefficiencies? They can range from deployments that leave gaps in coverage to troubleshooting through multiple instances. Hours or even days can be spent digging through individualized tenant data as admins attempt to make malware determinations. MSPs can lose extremely valuable time that they would normally dedicate to growing their business and generating revenue.  

Overall, multi-tenant security solutions provide MSP admins with the ability to provide better security and value to their clients. When evaluating multi-tenant security solutions, MSPs should look for a centralized multi-site management portal, advanced analytics to automate the service delivery process, client-level reporting to demonstrate service value to customers, advanced security that uses machine-learning, and the ability to utilize automated processes and malware determinations. 

VIPRE Security meets these standards with its newest product, VIPRE Site Manager. To learn more about VIPRE Site Manager, which has been purpose-built for MSPs, click here.

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