Parallels RAS Provides HR Software Provider Protime with an Affordable, Secure Solution

With Parallels RAS up and running, Protime has seen measurable results in time savings, easy implementation, and cost savings.

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Parallels RAS Provides HR Software Provider Protime with an Affordable, Secure Solution
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Parallels RAS recently partnered with Protime, a workforce management organization that is all about helping human resources (HR) organizations across Europe.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deeper look at the challenges that drove Protime to become a Parallels RAS partner, the benefits and key results Protime has seen since implementing Parallels RAS, and what makes Parallels RAS an ideal addition for any partner.

Seeking a More Cost-Effective Citrix Replacement

Global companies must adhere to different national legislation depending on where their offices are located, which makes it difficult to implement a common HR policy across Europe. That’s where Protime comes in—they excel at building software to help customers combat this issue.

Their software is easy to use and customizable for every specific national legislation. This means that even if companies and their subsidiaries have a large internal HR team, Protime’s solutions can be extremely beneficial.

The primary applications used by Protime clients include time and attendance and workforce management. These solutions are all available as software as a service (SaaS).

More specifically, Protime builds software that performs calculations for absences, holiday requests, and cost center management. It also exports data, reports data, and allocates costs.

In addition, Protime partners with various hardware companies to provide workforce management terminals. These terminals include clocks that enable employees to clock in and out and help improve business efficiency and monitor employee productivity. Protime offers hardware and support to maximize efficiency and reduce costs within any organization.

Protime used Citrix Xen App as their main software until about 2020. At that point, someone within the organization recommended switching to Parallels RAS as a replacement option to better serve their needs, so the company requested a proof of concept (POC).

Parallels RAS Chosen for Affordability, Security, and Ease of Use

Protime ultimately decided to switch to Parallels RAS in May 2020 and became a Parallels partner. This decision was based on several factors, including:

  • Cost savings: Protime was paying more than they would have liked to for Citrix and wanted a more affordable solution. Parallels RAS is well-known for its low total cost of ownership (TCO), especially when compared to similar products on the market.

  • Increased security: Protime users were worried about Citrix vulnerabilities that they were hearing about on the news.

  • Easy installation: All Protime users had to install the Citrix client before use. With Parallels RAS, customers can leverage the HTML5 gateway to gain access through their browser, without having to install anything.

Parallels RAS was deployed within three months, with the total migration complete within one year. The whole process went smoothly.

Thanks to Parallels RAS, Protime can access their internal developed applications through different types of devices. They can then publish their developed applications to their customers. In addition, Parallels RAS enabled Protime to make their applications cloud and mobile ready without requiring them to undergo further development to their solution.

Protime’s 2,000 customers were also transitioned to Parallels RAS from Citrix, a migration that included 30,000 users.

Key Results Include Time Savings, Easy Implementation, and Cost-Savings

Protime has Parallels RAS set up on-premises in their Belgian datacenter. As it stands, they currently use Parallels RAS only as their HR tool. This tool is used for many HR functions, including:

  • Time registration: Time and attendance, cost accounting, and employee self-service, where users can take care of tasks on their own, such as managing absences

  • Access: Visitor management, access for users to provide their Covid vaccine status, and access to company hardware

  • Planning: Team planning and career planning

  • Services Training center offerings, data services and managed services

With Parallels RAS up and running, Protime has seen measurable results in the form of time savings, easy implementation, and cost savings.

To learn more about the results Protime is seeing as a result of this partnership, read the full case study .

Parallels RAS: A High ROI Solution for Partners of all Types

Team up with Parallels RAS to accelerate your business growth.

The Partner Program for Parallels (RAS) can help your business grow by providing the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to quickly and cost-effectively address your customers’ needs.

Some of the benefits of partnering with Parallels RAS include:

Yearly license:

  • Yearly subscription for volume of concurrent users

  • Online licensing management

  • Access to the latest product updates

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Access to knowledge base and training materials

Monthly license:

  • For service providers (SPLA)

  • Monthly billing for concurrent users after actual usage

  • Automated usage reports and through-partner billing engine

  • Access to the latest product updates

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Access to knowledge base and training materials

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Parallels partner.

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