IT Glue New Features and Enhancements Take Aim at Security and More

IT Glue improves security, client collaboration and network visibility.

Lynn Haber

July 2, 2020

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Take aim

IT Glue on Thursday announced seven new features and product enhancements that prioritize customer needs as they continue to shore up employees who work from home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Kaseya and IT documentation platform company specifically targets security, client collaboration and network visibility with the latest features and enhancements delivered by MSPs.


IT Glue’s Nadir Merchant

“Our customers’ needs drive our product road map so that we can focus our efforts on those key areas that will provide the most impact and ensure that our documentation platform continues to provide unparalleled value,” said Nadir Merchant, general manager of IT Glue. “As our more than 150,000 users across the world navigate a more distributed workforce, they rely on the IT Glue platform to enable them to perform their frontline duties serving as the IT lifeline for small businesses. Our newest feature enhancements further streamline knowledge acquisition for technicians so that they can help their clients’ transition from a state of survival to recovery and ultimately to resurgence.”

A Closer Look at the IT Glue New Features

IT Glue’s SOC 2 compliant documentation framework used by MSPs, includes three new security features and enhancements. The new security features bolster existing multifactor authentication, single sign-on, audit log and user permission features.

Keep up with the latest developments in how the channel is supporting partners and customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Prioritizing additional security for an increased remote workforce, IT Glue adds the following:

  • The Vault: This is IT Glue’s client-side encryption/decryption feature that puts total control is in the hands of technicians. All passwords are encrypted locally and can only be decrypted by a user-specific passphrase. This provides another layer of protection to IT Glue security.

  • Password Folder Security: This is a highly requested customer feature. IT Glue enhances password folder security, giving technicians the ability to easily organize passwords. This eliminates the need to manage permissions, the company says. Password Folder Security saves time by shifting management of permissions to the folder level rather than being required to manage them separately.

  • One Time Password (OTP) Generator: With the new OTP, users can always reference IT Glue or MyGlue to see the latest OTP codes for passwords that require multifactor authentication or two-factor authentication (MFA/2FA). Technicians can access the MFA/2FA OTP code for shared administrative credentials, such as Office 365, centrally.

Client collaboration depends on securing all customer data. IT Glue also on Thursday added the following feature to improve the client collaboration experience.

  • MyGlue Single Sign-On. With this latest feature, clients can seamlessly log in to MyGlue without having to remember an additional password. This cuts down on the number of tickets related to login experience. Additionally, MSPs now have a simpler way to onboard new clients and users with MyGlue’s auto-provisioning feature through just-in-time provisioning (JITP).

Network Visibility

The last target for new features and enhancements from IT Glue is network visibility. With increasing distributor employee bases, there’s a new and higher importance placed on network visibility. This helps MSPs and customers maintain control over offsite locations in the network. To avoid blind spots that could lead to security risks, IT Glue offers three new enhancements. The company now automates the visual identification and documentation of the following areas, allowing for easier troubleshooting:

  • Ports and Connected To: Automatically documents switch ports as well as connections between devices.

  • Manufacturer and Device Type: This allows MSPs to visually identify device types on network diagrams and enrich existing network documentation with manufacturer and operating system data.

  • Active Directory Domain Role: See Domain Controllers on the Active Directory (AD) infrastructure. This simplifies troubleshooting, filters out devices that are members of the AD environment, and catches devices that have not yet been added to AD.

IT Glue recently released its 2020 Global MSP Benchmark Survey. The survey looks at trends in the IT industry and among MSPs. The data includes survey responses both prior to and after the start of the pandemic.

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