Are you giving your customers the modern protection they need against today’s most pernicious online threats?

February 5, 2018

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Brace yourself: Analysts predict 2018 will be a banner year for cybercriminals.

With threats ranging from ransomware to IoT breaches to social engineering plots, businesses are under increased pressure to keep valuable data safe from persistent attackers. That means they’re looking for the most stringent security solutions available, with 100% proven threat detection.

At the same time, however, businesses are tasked with streamlining and modernizing their technology. Overly complex security platforms are too cumbersome to manage effectively—and, in some cases, can lead to errors that inadvertently create security vulnerabilities instead of correcting them. That’s why companies are heading to cloud-based applications that offer centralized administration and require less hands-on work.

Are you giving your customers the modern protection they need against today’s most pernicious online threats?

Here are 7 must-have features to look for in contemporary endpoint protection. How do your offerings stack up?

1. Remote Access – Today’s businesses aren’t static entities. Many employees work on the go, logging into their vital applications from multiple devices at any time of day (or night). Your security solution should provide customers with the same kind of remote flexibility. Look to offer an endpoint protection solution that’s cloud-based, and—just as important—that delivers complete functionality from mobile devices.

2. Mobile UI – Complex navigation won’t cut it today, when attacks can be sudden and serious. That’s why modern security solutions should go a step further than simply being accessible round the clock. They also need a user interface designed and optimized for immediate mobile response, with no awkward scrolling or zooming required.

3. Reliable Endpoint Protection – Whether your customers run large or small businesses, they need a security solution that reliably protects all endpoints in the network, in multiple locations. Look for a layered security offering that provides efficient yet comprehensive coverage.

4. Solid Track Record – The security software market is crowded with vendors claiming to be the best. In reality, however, only a handful regularly earn the highest ratings from credible independent testers, like AV-Labs. Be sure you’re giving your clients a security solution proven to have a high malware detection rate, with minimal or no false positives. 

5. Advanced Threat Coverage – Malware changes constantly. As soon as one threat is thwarted, a new one appears—so be certain your security offering can keep customers current on their protection. Look for software that leverages a large threat intelligence cloud and real-time behavior monitoring to protect users from even the most recent attacks, including ransomware and zero-day threats.

6. Ease of Use and Management – Modern businesses don’t have time for long implementations and learning curves. Give customers a security solution that deploys without hassle and lets them set rules and complete tasks in just a few easy steps. Better yet, give them a cloud-based option with dynamic dashboards, no servers to manage, and deep visibility across the network.

7. Automated Updates – A huge part of maintaining the security of your systems and data is ensuring that your software platform is up to date. Customers want a simple way to stay protected without manual intervention. Provide a modern security solution that deploys updates automatically, so there’s never a concern about missed patches or unknown threats.

Are there other must-have security features your clients request? Let us know.

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