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October 4, 2011

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F5 Networks Offers IPv6 Transitional Opportunities for VARs

F5 Networks knows the future of IPv6 is coming and the switch will be inevitable. That’s why F5 Networks wants to make it easy as possible with its new IPv6 Solutions Services offering. Short, simple and sweet, here’s how F5 Networks can get you ready for the future of the Internet …

As you may or may not know, the supply of IPv4 IP addresses is reaching zero. The solution to the incredibly shrinking IP address problem is IPv6, which is essentially a new style of assigning numbers. More simply, IPv4’s system of numbers offers a theoretical limit of 4.3 billion addresses, while IPv6 can support 2^128 unique addresses, or 340 undecillion (that’s a 1 with 36 zeros after it) different numbers. The VAR Guy thinks it’s fair to say we won’t run out of numbers anytime soon.

But part of that migration means getting the hardware and network ready to support the new numbering standard. Although internal networks can remain in the IPv4 world thanks to IPv6 devices that do translations, eventually IPv6-only devices will dominate the scene, internally and externally. And that will require a bigger overhaul. Thus, F5 Networks is showcasing its new professional services offering alongside its IPv6-ready Big IP devices this week at Interop New York 2011.

According to F5 Networks, BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager is an ideal gateway to the IPv6 world, offering simple way to step into IPv6 without needing to gut existing data center equipment. Once you’re switched on to the IPv6 world with the new Traffic Manager, other device migrations can be subsequently staged, one at a time, “without making wholesale network and appellation upgrades all at once,” according to the company. F5’s services help guide customers through a full transition as well as sporadic support, network configuration and even legacy device support.

The VAR Guy will be roaming the halls at Interop New York 2011 so he’ll be sure to check in with F5 Networks and see how BIG-IP is handling the big IPv6 switch. Our resident blogger has also reached out to see if IPv6 transitional services will be available to F5 Network VARs and partners. If it is, the IPv6 scene will be the biggest booming opportunity since mobile device management, so hop on board when you can.

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