Dell Boomi partner GearsCRM built the new Onboarding Solution Accelerator.

Lynn Haber

August 7, 2018

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Dell Boomi takes on the often inefficient process of employee on-boarding with the introduction of the Onboarding Solution Accelerator. The new product, announced Tuesday, is designed to streamline the on-boarding process so new employees are supported and productive from day one.


Dell Boomi’s David Tavolaro

The vendor was on the lookout for common customer use cases where it could build accelerators, according to David Tavolaro, vice president of global business development at Dell Boomi.

“We saw [on-boarding] as a problem that the Boomi platform could solve relatively quickly.”

The vendor had Dell Boomi partner GearsCRM, build the new solution.

“As part of our strategy, we want our partners to be building solutions on Boomi,“ Tavolaro said.

Boomi delivers a unified platform via cloud-based integration, API management and master data management.

“One of the benefits from a partner standpoint is that the Boomi platform with all its elements of integration exposes many opportunities for partners to help their customers drive more value out of cloud transformation,” he said.

Earlier this year, Dell Boomi piloted the Onboarding Solution Accelerator in-house with the goal of improving its own employee on-boarding practices. Since that time, the company has connected more than 27 different touch points to combine the right people across the organization with efficient processes.

While on-boarding seems like it should be a simple thing, the average count of HR applications across organizations is 139, according to a Netskope Cloud report.

The new Onboarding Solution Accelerator allows companies to bring together processes and workflows from across the organization, connecting on-premises and cloud applications. It creates an automatically maintained data repository that provides a “single version of the truth” for employees and customer hoping to:

  • Reduce manual efforts — automating management and paperless workflows while reducing the potential for human error; and automating management of compliance notification and escalation workflows.

  • Streamline collaboration — to create efficient, consistent and flexible experiences for the onboarding team; and provide and automate real-time visibility into on-boarding workflows to reduce turnaround times.

  • Improve engagement — because the on-boarding experience is easy to use and agile, it helps reduce attrition due to poor experiences. It also decreases acquisition costs for employees and partners.

Partners could use the new Onboarding Solution Accelerator as a door opener to solve a common problem across businesses.

“Then the value to the partner is that they’ve implemented GUI technology [and] they’re able to work with the customer in other areas for additional use cases where the platform can drive value,” said Tavolaro.


GearsCRM’s Paulomi Gudka

Paulomi Gudka, GearsCRM vice president of data services, agrees that the Boomi platform is comprehensive, enabling her company to build a full-bodied accelerator.

“Not only were we able to create integrations, have approvals and authorizations, a UI for people to interact with, and then at the end, we applied a database layer that allowed us to track and report on the status of all of the progress,” she said.

Solution-integrator partners are well positioned to dive in and offer these types of offers as long as they have the comprehensive skill sets, such as integration, workflow, APIs, data management, Tavolaro said.

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