10 Awesome Stock Tips (From A Total Stranger)

The VAR Guy

August 14, 2007

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10 Awesome Stock Tips (From A Total Stranger)

The VAR Guy loves lists. And he loves to invest (pennies at a time…). During this time of need — when financial markets are worried about the US housing market — The VAR Guy is ready to show you his secret list of 10 can’t-miss stock investments. Take a look.

Wow. A few thousand readers are actually zooming through this blog post right now, looking for safe, lucrative investment ideas. Hmmm. Safe and lucrative. Do those two terms really belong together? You don’t even know The VAR Guy’s true identity. But you’re interested in his stock tips. Clearly, we’re all spending too much time taking investment advice from total strangers (like The VAR Guy) or event “trusted” media sources.

Take a look at this list of 10 Top Stock Recommendations from Fortune, published in mid-2000. Ten picks. Ten misses. Ouch. Proceed carefully, folks. We’ll surely hit a few bumps as the weak US housing market collides with the healthy tech market. And we’ll read lots of investment advice from “gurus” who forgot how to diversify and invest in their own businesses.

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