If you haven’t examined your RMM and PSA solutions recently, it’s time to take a hard look at both and determine whether the two work effectively in tandem.

April 26, 2018

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Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is arguably one of the most critical functions of a service provider. It is essential to managing endpoints, an MSP’s bread and butter, so its value should be of little surprise. In Kaseya’s most recent annual MSP Benchmark Survey, RMM was most frequently cited as the most important application by respondents.

A holistic and comprehensive RMM solution enhances security, reduces downtime, increases productivity and lowers total cost of ownership. In a nutshell, an RMM solution can make or break your business.

But RMM alone is not enough to grow your business. A professional services automation (PSA) solution, while it will not drive the business, remains essential. The importance of choosing the right PSA technology cannot be understated, a fact driven home by the 16 percent of respondents who said their PSA solution was the most critical application to their business.

When it comes to PSA technology, “good enough” is no longer enough. The MSP landscape is increasingly competitive, with margins constantly being squeezed ever tighter and customers churning quickly when unsatisfied. Many MSP owners are unknowingly wasting both time and money using a suboptimal platform structure.

An optimal PSA solution introduces insight and efficiencies, and that means looking beyond a first-generation solution to one that integrates with RMM to maximize margins so you can reinvest in your business and grow.

If you haven’t examined your RMM and PSA solutions recently, it’s time to take a hard look at both and determine whether the two work in tandem to make operations more:

  • Efficient: Is the user interface clean and task-centric, or does it require unnecessary clicks to execute common tasks?

  • Streamlined:  How easy is it to get started with the application? Is the interface modern and intuitive? Non-intuitive interfaces are difficult to learn and train on, introducing complexities and errors that can lead to delays, missteps and increased costs. In contrast, applications that are built from the ground up using modern design standards lead to easy training and adaptation, saving time and money, and potentially freeing up resources so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Precise: Are tickets automatically deduplicated, or are there large volumes of redundant, duplicated data that must be reconciled?

  • Automated: Are techs being dragged into tedious additional steps to uphold SLAs? With smarter tickets and asset management you can quickly automate time-consuming tasks.

  • Natively integrated: Is there stable API-based integration between RMM and PSA that’s simple to configure, or is integration dependent on expensive external point solutions and third-party support?

The bottom line? How well your PSA and RMM solutions integrate will have a direct impact on your business. Poorly integrated PSA and RMM solutions are costly to MSPs. Thoughtfully integrated solutions enable MSPs to maximize margins, reinvest in their business and fuel growth.

Discover the Power of BMS+VSA

Still not convinced? Consider this: While the highest-performing MSPs employ highly experienced professionals and have superior business acumen, the ways they successfully leverage technology is what gives them the most notable edge over competitors.

Powerful RMM and PSA are important, but when these technologies are effectively merged, the potential operational advantages are remarkable. With thoughtful integration, the combined solution delivers far more than the sum of its parts, enabling you to improve your bottom line, fuel growth and differentiate your service from competitors.

Kaseya offers next-generation PSA with BMS and the industry’s most powerful RMM with VSA. Together, these solutions empower MSPs  to optimize their daily operations–saving critical time and money in a way no other combined solution can.

Consider The 20. When the company needed a PSA solution that better aligned with its innovative business model to help MSPs reach their ultimate growth potential they turned to BMS. Today,  BMS is the underlying foundation of The 20’s successful platform of proven processes that empower the market’s best-in-class MSPs.

Learn more about how you can work faster and smarter. Discover the BMS + VSA advantage today.

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