10 Things to Look Forward To After Microsoft Closes the Deal with LinkedIn

The VAR Guy has glimpsed into our crystal ball to see what the deal will bring in the coming months and years ahead.


June 17, 2016

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10 Things to Look Forward To After Microsoft Closes the Deal with LinkedIn

As you no doubt know, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) announced plans this week to buy the professional networking site LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) for $26.2 billion. As noted by martinwolf, the deal ranks among the largest deals in tech history, right behind “Dell’s acquisition of EMC for $67 billion and Avago’s acquisition of Broadcom for $37 billion…”

The deal is Microsoft’s largest ever. It’s nearly four times more than what Microsoft paid for Nokia’s handset division, and more than three times what the company paid for Skype. While much of the rationale behind this acquisition centers on the potential to add data and other enhancements to Microsoft’s existing platforms including Office, Cortana and Dynamics, the full picture has yet to develop.

Recognizing that you want more insight now, The VAR Guy has glimpsed into our crystal ball. Here’s what we see coming in the months and years ahead.

Backwards Incompatibility: After the deal closes, expect older connections to become incompatible with younger workers in your personal network, forcing you to choose between Millennials and Baby Boomers.

Upgrade Bots: Think you’re well-connected? With new Microsoft AI technology, LinkedIn users will be offered personal “upgrades,” which are career professionals just like your existing connections only more successful and better connected.

Office Endorsements: Once the two companies are integrated, Office 365 users will be able to “endorse” their colleagues at work in real-time. Next time you open a spreadsheet in Excel, it will could come with endorsements from “Russell” in accounting or “Carmella” in human resources.

Windows 10 System Errors: Every now and then, and for no earthly reason, you will receive random LinkedIn messages saying “Something Happened” in your network.

Cross-sells and Upsells: Should you ever try to connect with someone who works for one of Microsoft’s rivals, say a person from Apple or Google, LinkedIn will suggest two “functional equivalent” employees from Microsoft’s own workforce, plus a $10 Starbuck’s gift card from its Seattle neighbor.

The Return of Clippy: The New York Times reports that the combination of LinkedIn and Microsoft could lead to the return of in-app intrusions such as, “Office suggesting an expert to connect with via LinkedIn to help with a task.” Prepare yourself for son of Clippy!

Platform Gamification: Soon, you will be able to earn points for going the extra mile in Office 365. Add a graphic to a Word document? That’ll make you “Advanced.” Embed a video in PowerPoint? “Expert.” Write a custom Excel macro? You’ll be an Office “All-Star” in no time. The keys to the executive restroom await.

Tiered Connections: Thanks to Microsoft’s commitment to “partnering,” LinkedIn connections will soon be tiered for you. Your “Gold” connections will actually help you find a job and provide references upon request. “Silver” connections will be those individuals you actually know and can recall by name. “Network Members” will be universally know to be people you connected with simply because you were attracted to their profile picture. Think “TinderedIn.”

Enhanced LinkedIn Profiles: After the merger, your LinkedIn profile will automatically be updated to reflect “more” about the true you. Your Xbox “Halo,” score, for example, will automatically be added to your LinkedIn profile. So will the average number of Outlook emails you respond to every day, and the number of hours you spend in Skype for Business meetings each week.

HoloLens Connections for Lonely Hearts: Envious that your more sociable co-workers have greater LinkedIn connections than you? No more. Thanks to Microsoft’s HoloLens holographic technology, you will soon have as many connections as the most popular person in your network. Introducing, HoloFriends, virtual work connections that will endorse every one of your skills and praise every one of your deeds.  With HoloFriends, you’ll never have to dine alone at your desk or dance by yourself at the office holiday party.

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