If you’re an IT administrator for a large enterprise, OS deployment is crucial--and time-consuming.

March 1, 2018

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OS deployment

OS deployment is a crucial task for IT administrators, whether they’re working on deploying operating systems on bare-metal computers and corrupted machines, or standardizing operating systems across all computers. And if you’re an IT administrator for a large enterprise, this task is not only crucial, but time-consuming.

Desktop Central has always handled management activities like automated patch management, software deployment and remote control of systems. Now, with the all-new OS deployment feature, Desktop Central handles imaging and OS provisioning, as well.

How It Works

To image and deploy OSs right from Desktop Central, all you need to do is set up a system with the required OS and group of applications, then capture the system image using Desktop Central’s online or offline imaging techniques. With online imaging, you can image a live machine remotely without intervention from the end user.

After capturing the desired image, you can customize the image for deployment by creating unique deployment templates to fit the specific needs of your users and departments. For instance, you can create a deployment template just for HR employees in your network. You can customize the captured image for HR employees by configuring the target computer settings and adding any HR applications.

Once you’ve customized the image, you can deploy that image to any target computer in your network using one of Desktop Central’s three deployment techniques: using an authentication passcode, MAC address or deployment template.

Deployment Using a Unique Authentication Passcode

Are you tired of remembering multiple, complicated MAC addresses when it comes time to deploy OSs in your network? Now you don’t have to. Deploy images easily and securely using a unique authentication passcode. Here’s how it works:

  1. Generate a passcode for the image you’d like to deploy.

  2. Configure your deployment settings.

  3. Enter your passcode on your target computers to initiate deployment.

Aside from making OS deployment more secure, Desktop Central also makes deploying OSes in your network a whole lot easier. Deploy a base image to multiple computers irrespective of their hardware; Desktop Central will automatically add the compatible drivers to your target computers, so there’s no need to worry about hardware compatibility issues.

As an IT administrator, you already face countless challenges—but OS deployment doesn’t have to be one of them. Become more nimble with Desktop Central’s simplified OS imaging and deployment solution.

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