Nimble Beefs Up Flash Storage Portfolio

Nimble says its AF-Series All Flash arrays deliver absolute performance, superior scalability and non-stop availability.

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February 23, 2016

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Nimble Beefs Up Flash Storage Portfolio

PRESS RELEASE — SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 23, 2016) – Nimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL), the leader in predictive flash storage, today announced a new series of Predictive All Flash arrays, combining fast flash performance with InfoSight Predictive Analytics to deliver data velocity. The Nimble AF-Series All Flash arrays deliver absolute performance, superior scalability and non-stop availability, at a total cost of ownership (TCO) that is up to 33 to 66 percent lower than competitive arrays. With the addition of the AF-Series to the Nimble Predictive Flash platform portfolio, Nimble provides enterprise IT organizations with a single consolidation architecture to accelerate, protect and scale all enterprise applications and deliver data velocity to end users.

“Our All Flash array delivers absolute speed for performance sensitive applications and workloads. It accelerates, scales, and delivers lower TCO than competing All Flash arrays,” said Ajay Singh, vice president of product management, Nimble Storage. “Our engineers are so confident in the readiness of our All Flash arrays that we’ve been powering core Nimble production engineering infrastructure services on an AF7000 array for several weeks and have experienced flawless service.”{ad}

“Our IT organization deployed the Nimble All Flash array to support increased performance for our SQL database. We have teams that generate hundreds of reports that can take hours to run on our legacy storage. The performance of our SQL database increased by an order of magnitude with the Nimble AF7000 array, compared to our legacy tiered storage system. SQL database queries increased from 800 a second to 12,000 a second, and a report that took approximately one hour now runs in three minutes,” said Sal DiRosa, senior systems engineer, Lender Live Network, Inc, a Colorado-based mortgage services provider. “Due to the criticality of application responsiveness, we’re looking for a storage platform to exhibit not just increased performance, but also consistent low latency, so that we can meet our service level agreements for end users, including banks and lenders. The Nimble All Flash array has exceeded our expectations.”

Sheer Performance with Unmatched Scalability
The Nimble AF-Series All Flash arrays deliver the performance, scalability and consistent low latency required to power the all flash data center. The flagship Nimble AF9000 All Flash array delivers performance of up to 350,000 IOPS at sub-millisecond latency and scales effective capacity to over 2PB in just 12U, significantly higher in comparison to competitive all flash arrays. Further, in scale-out four-node cluster configurations, the AF9000 can non-disruptively and independently scale performance up to 1.2M IOPS and effective capacity to over 8PBs, an order of magnitude greater than competitive all flash arrays. AF-Series arrays are application optimized and support a full range of industry leading enterprise applications to dramatically ease deployment and simplify management.

“Our Nimble Adaptive Flash platform performs extremely well across mixed workloads; when we added the Nimble AF7000 All Flash array, the performance we gained …


… greatly exceeded our expectations, as well as the expectations of our customers. The speed of our Nimble All Flash array will undoubtedly be a transformative aspect of our business in the near-term,” said Joshua Henderson, CTO, Clearview International.

Effortless Management
Nimble AF-Series All Flash arrays are pre-configured and optimized to support enterprise applications and workloads right out of the box, effectively eliminating time consuming tasks like selecting RAID-level, media layout, aggregations and reserves. Initial configuration and set-up can be completed in less than 120 minutes. And with InfoSight VMVision and VMware vVols, IT administrators can manage and monitor the storage at VM-level granularity.

Up to 33 to 66 Percent Lower Total Cost of Ownership than Competing All Flash Arrays
Game changing architectural innovation makes this dramatic savings possible:

  • Unconstrained by Memory: The AF-Series utilizes 10-30X less memory than competing all flash arrays by providing memory-efficient metadata to deliver unparalleled flash scalability and lower per array cost, while also reducing the total number of controllers required.

  • Engineered for 3D V-NAND: The AF-Series supports the cost-effective 3D V-NAND innovations of Samsung PM863 Series SSDs, and uses advanced flash endurance management and integrated hot sparing to extend flash lifespan to seven years, while providing 20 percent more usable capacity, all at half the footprint and cost of competing eMLC-based all flash arrays.

  • Comprehensive Data Protection: With inline variable block deduplication and compression, and zero pattern elimination, the AF-Series delivers up to a 5X capacity savings. And with thin provisioning and zero copy clones the savings increase even further.

  • Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archival at One-Third the Cost: As cost-optimized Nimble Adaptive Flash (hybrid) arrays run the same release of NimbleOS, they can be leveraged to address secondary storage requirements at a fraction of the cost of backing up to all flash. With identical functionality and a common user experience both AF and CS Series arrays integrate seamlessly under the Unified Flash Fabric single consolidation architecture.

Absolute Resiliency with Non-Stop Availability
From inception Nimble storage arrays were designed for 6 ‘9’s’, with 99.9997% measured uptime across the entire installed base through InfoSight Predictive Analytics and no single point of failure.

  • Triple+ Parity RAID: The AF-Series has been engineered to sustain up to three simultaneous SSD failures plus an additional layer of protection from intra-drive parity and integrated hot sparing.

  • SmartSecure Software-based FIPS Compliant Encryption: With array level and application-granular encryption and secure data shredding, IT organizations can meet the most stringent data security mandates with flexibility and ease.

  • Integrated Data Protection: Back up data continuously and recover quickly with application consistent snapshots and replication using SmartSnap and SmartReplicate.

“Nimble is maximizing the potential …


… cost-effective 3D V-NAND making all-flash storage more affordable, and ultimately more accessible,” said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “With the combination of affordable NAND technology, a scale-out architecture, and differentiated software resiliency features, such as Triple+ Parity RAID, Nimble is delivering not only high-availability and scalable performance, by reducing TCO as well. When combined with the power of InfoSight Predictive Analytics, the end result is a very compelling package.”

“We pride ourselves on delivering advanced, reliable and secure global cloud services with predictable high performance and encryption. Though we’ve been able to provide all-flash performance by pinning workloads into flash on the Nimble Adaptive Flash arrays, we have customers that request their applications and data are supported by an all flash array. The performance of the Nimble All Flash array has proven to be impressive in our experience — running close to 300,000 IOPS the latency is 0.2 milliseconds on the AF7000. That is ridiculously fast,” said Justin Giardina, CTO, iland. “With the addition of the All Flash array to the Nimble portfolio, we’re able meet service level agreements while continuing to manage a single storage platform on the back-end. This provides an incredibly streamlined management process for our administrators who have already mastered NimbleOS.”

Models and Pricing
The Nimble AF-Series All Flash arrays will be offered in four models: AF3000, AF5000, AF7000 and AF9000, and is available to order now.

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About Nimble Storage
Nimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL) is the leader in predictive flash storage solutions. Nimble offers a Predictive Flash platform that combines flash performance with predictive analytics to predict and prevent barriers to data velocity caused by complex IT infrastructure. Nimble customers experience absolute performance, non-stop availability and cloud-like agility that accelerate critical business processes. More than 7,500 enterprises, governments, and service providers have deployed the Nimble Predictive Flash Platform across more than 50 countries. For more information visit and follow us on Twitter: @nimblestorage.

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