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The VAR Guy: Biased Media And Lovin' It

The VAR Guy

July 22, 2008

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The VAR Guy: Biased Media And Lovin' It

The VAR Guy smiled a bit when he read Matt Asay’s blog entry about media folks who pretend they’re unbiased. Asay says he prefers media and blogs that disclose their biases about tech products, companies, investments, etc. The VAR Guy certainly agrees. So here are some of his biases.

Microsoft: The VAR Guy loved Windows NT Workstation and NT Server in the 1990s, but he was bitterly disappointed with Windows Vista and he thinks Microsoft has lost its way — though not fully — in the Web 2.0 age. Strategies like hosted SharePoint, Exchange and Dynamics CRM seem really promising. But Microsoft’s desktop operating system is, um, a pathetic attempt to charge people for bloated software.

Open Source vs. Closed Source: The VAR Guy runs Ubuntu on a Dell desktop. He’s a fan of the open source model, but he doesn’t believe all open source is better than closed source. He sees hybrid models emerging, where customers choose the best of open and closed source, and piece them together into solutions.

Apple: The VAR Guy loves all things Apple. Pathetic, we know. He blogs using his MacBook Pro on most days, but jumps over to his Ubuntu system whenever he needs to get into the open source mindset. He admires Steve Jobs but can never imagine working for him. The reason? The VAR Guy is arrogant and opinionated. And he always needs to get the last word in an argument. Steve would surely have security escort The VAR Guy from Apple’s campus within 10 minutes of meeting our resident blogger.

Tech Investments: The VAR Guy has a few bucks in the stock market, but not enough to brag about. His one individual tech holding at the moment is Salesforce.com (CRM). He’s owned Red Hat, Intel, Dell, Cisco and a few other tech companies in recent years. But he generally loses more money than he makes on tech stocks. Perhaps he’s too close to tech companies to make wise investment choices. How’s that for a lame way of saying The VAR Guy is a terrible investors.

Cisco Systems: Generally speaking, The VAR Guy worries when tech companies get too big and too dominant. But in Cisco’s case, The VAR Guy remains upbeat and generally positive. Perhaps it’s because Cisco PR has been returning The VAR Guy’s calls since 1992.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Luke and Leia beat Kirk and Spock any day.

Red Hat vs. Novell: The VAR Guy was upbeat on Red Hat and down on Novell from about 2002 through 2007. But then, Novell started calling our resident blogger and asking why he was such a negative dude. The more The VAR Guy watched Novell and spoke with their customers, he realized that the world of Linux servers had two real contenders — not one.

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