iPhone Hackers Successfully Add Siri to iPhone 4, iPod Touch

Dave Courbanou

November 2, 2011

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iPhone Hackers Successfully Add Siri to iPhone 4, iPod Touch

Two iPhone hackers and developers have figured out how to trick Apple’s servers into accepting Siri requests from non-iPhone 4S devices. We know now with 100 percent certainty that Apple is restricting Siri via software means only. So what does that mean for the jailbreak community and the rest of Apple fans everywhere? Sadly, it’s not good news. Read on …

MacRumors.com was able to talk to one of the hackers (under his Twitter handle), @stroughtonsmith, who worked with @chpwn to bring Siri not just to the iPhone 4 but also to the fourth generation iPod Touch. @stroughtonsmith said the iPhone 4 works “just as fast as the 4S” but Siri on the iPod Touch experienced some difficulties, which seem to be related to the less-robust microphone on the iPod touch.

But the dynamic hacking duo won’t be going public with their exploits. In fact, they’re not even planning a private release anytime soon, because the hack required an extensive porting of Apple software to non-approved devices and, according to MacRumors, could result in “legal issues in repackaging Apple’s code and distributing it.” If it ever leaked onto the hacking scene, it would be interesting to see if Apple tried to squash it, but Siri on iPhone 4/iPod Touch may very well just stay an impressive tech demo for now.

But here’s an idea, however unlikely: In a corner of Apple’s Siri webpage is the word “BETA.” Since the iOS devices before the iPhone 4S are more than capable of running Siri, maybe Apple will extend the feature to the iPhone 4 after it’s out of beta, such as iOS 5.2 with Siri for iPhone 4.

But one thing seems to be clear: Apple put a software restriction on Siri simply to stir up demand for the iPhone 4S. I can’t say I’m surprised, since Apple has always been about what it doesn’t include in certain products (see: many generations of iPod Touches without cameras). In the meantime, I’ll keep tabs on whether this leak comes to some sort of public fruition. If so, you can be I’ll be running it ASAP.

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