How the Right Partnership Is Helping Johonnot Technologies Grow Its Business

Data center solutions provider Johonnot was looking for server backup and disaster recovery software, but ended up signing on for much more with Carbonite.

April 23, 2018

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Carbonite and Johonnot Technologies video

When your goal as an IT services provider is to expand your business and attract new customers, it helps to offer the full spectrum of data protection solutions. Just ask Matt Delgaudio, co-founder of Johonnot Technologies, a data center solutions provider and Carbonite Partner based in Boston. Business customers often approach Johonnot looking for server backup and disaster recovery software, but end up signing on for more when they learn that Carbonite also offers data migration, high availabilityendpoint protection and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). I recently caught up with Delgaudio to ask him what it’s like to partner with Carbonite.

Mark Brunelli: What is the process of becoming a Carbonite Partner like?

Matt Delgaudio: It was easy for us to get up and running fast with the help of the Carbonite channel marketing team. The channel marketing team has been amazing in helping us get set up, get us ramped up and get us trained up to be able to sell Carbonite. It was all very easy.

How do customers respond when you describe Carbonite solutions?

Our customers have been surprised to find out that Carbonite today is offering a lot more than just the server [backup solution] that they’ve had forever. And I know that the new acquisitions have come on and really broadened the [business solutions portfolio]. So it’s been a good conversation with customers.

For more, watch this quick video featuring Johonnot Technologies:



Why did you choose Carbonite data protection solutions?

Carbonite offers so much that when I’m talking to a customer I don’t have to tell them no. I can say, “Yes, I can offer that. Yes, I can bring you disaster recovery. Yes, I can bring you hybrid backup. Yes, I can bring you a migration solution.” And then I can also complement that with our own recycling services, our asset recovery services and our data compliance services.

How does Carbonite help you get customers in the door?

I would say disaster recovery and hybrid backup would be the first entry point for most of our clients. And from that conversation the conversation goes to migration and how are they getting to the cloud. We also use the new partner portal that Carbonite provided to us. It’s been a huge help for us, really, because being a small partner we might not have the big marketing budget to go out and create [our own marketing] collateral and content.

What’s one thing you really want potential customers to know about Johonnot Technologies?

We’re going to protect your data from the day you enter it into the computer to the day that hardware is retired and everything in between. We’re a full one-stop shop for data protection.

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