The Non-Cost Benefits of the Cloud

When it comes to the cloud, it's not all about cost. In this post, we highlight the other benefits of cloud-based file sharing.

April 1, 2014

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The Non-Cost Benefits of the Cloud

By Michael Brown 1

By this point, the financial benefits of cloud computing (and cloud-based file sharing) are becoming obvious to all. But as this article points out, there are quite a few more that don’t receive the attention they probably should.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the reasons besides saving money that companies may want to transition to cloud based file sharing:

Accessibility – Next to the financial benefits, accessibility is probably the most frequently mentioned advantage. In the mobile, multi-device world we live in, accessible data is paramount to the corporate world. Most people today have smartphones, tablets, laptops and work computers (or more!) and want or need to be able to access their corporate data on all of them. Cloud based file sharing makes the once cumbersome process of moving data and information from device to device as easy as a quick log in. This allows employees to maintain busy travel schedules, workplace flexibility and work remotely easier than ever.

Sharing and Collaboration – Similar to accessibility, sharing and collaboration between employees and even companies is far simpler with the ease of moving data that the cloud offers. People from around the globe are able to work together seamlessly, viewing, editing, and accessing information and projects easily and quickly.

Automation – How often do you consciously sit down with the sole reason being to back up your personal files? What about your work files? If you are like most, your answers are probably “Not often enough” and “even less”. Cloud services eliminate that pang of guilt and allow you to spend your time elsewhere. Automated backup schedules can be made, even utilizing times when you wouldn’t have been working anyway.

Protection and Recovery – Thanks to the automation the cloud can provide, data is more protected and recoverable than with traditional storage methods. Automated backups will create additional protection in the case of data loss or failure. The cloud allows for recovery of lost data instantly, keeping things running smoothly, even when they previously wouldn’t have.

Security – There is a lot of discussion about the security of the cloud, and with all the recent IT security breaches, it’s hardly surprising. However the fact is, more often than not, cloud based services offer a higher level security than traditional data security methods. Data is encrypted during storage, and laws and regulations are becoming more involved in making sure that cloud services provide the best security for their client’s data.

As you can see, the benefits of the cloud are far more numerous than simply saving money. As MSPs which of these benefits tend to be the most popular with clients? Do many companies fully understand all the positives associated with cloud computing and sharing? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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