October 2, 2012

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Live Blog: Oracle's Ellison on Social Cloud, Big Data, SaaS

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Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) CEO Larry Ellison claimed, “We have more SaaS applications than anyone else” during his  OpenWorld today. He also maintained that Oracle customers can leverage the same code base whether they want applications on premises or in the cloud. The keynote follows an Oracle Public Cloud discussion earlier today, and a cloud partner program launch.

On Stage Now – Ellison

  • “We have everything you need to run in the cloud.”

  • Consider not only the application you’re buying but the platform upon which it rests.

  • “We have best in class software and underneath that best in class infrastructure.”

  • “We use that platform to develop all of our applications. We build it in Java.”

  • Customers can do the same: Use Java, Fusion and the Oracle database. “Use those tools to extend those applications and interconnect them.”

  • Ellison insisted that Java, Fusion and Oracle are No. 1 in each of their respective markets.

  • “When you’re running a SaaS application in the cloud remember that you’re picking a platform and the infrastructure it runs on.”

Shifting to Social Relationship Management Technology Topic

  • It’s implemented at the platform layer. Every application you build inherits the benefits of social technology.

  • That’s a big difference between us and others in social.

Fusion Application Customers and SaaS Thoughts

  • Two-thirds are being used as SaaS in the Oracle Cloud

  • CRM, ERP and HCM (Human Capital Management) are the three key areas.

  • “Salesforce.com runs one place on the public cloud — at Salesforce. You can’t move that. We think it’s important to give customers choice.”

  • “Standards are still important. Just because we’re in the cloud that doesn’t mean we forget everything and make everything proprietary again.”

  • When it’s in the cloud you still need to interconnect applications. “You still have work to do. Therefore we provide a platform to do it.”

  • If the cloud were easy and the integrations required no work, then why are Accenture and DeLoitte so busy, Ellison essentially said.

  • All applications can be accessed from mobile devices.

  • Multi-tenancy implemented at the application layer: Ellison thinks that’s wrong. Don’t co-mingle two customer data in the same database. Auditing and a lot of stuff won’t work right. The application takes full responsibility for security and that’s bad, he asserted.

  • With Oracle 12C the company solves multi-tenancy at the database layer.

  • NetSuite was the first SaaS company — before VMware was popular. “They built multi-tenancy in the application layer because they didn’t have a choice.” Now, there is a choice, he asserted.

  • Exadata X3, Exalogic X3, Exalytics In-Memory Analytics and InfiniBand Network are the foundation for Oracle Cloud.

  • “Oracle is aggressively moving to semiconductor technology for storage.”

Oracle Social Relationship Management Platform for Big Data

  • It socially enables all Oracle SaaS applications — not just marketing.

  • Helps to use LinkedIn for HR recruiting, for instance.

  • Big Data example: Oracle analyzed 5 billion tweets in an Oracle database to determine which Olympic athlete should promote Lexus cars.  The analysis involves structured and unstructured data, live, with 27 billion different relationships.

  • Exadata with Infiniband linked to Exalytics did the analysis.

  • Information appears on Oracle Business Intelligence dashboard.

  • Real data shows BlackBerry mobile still used widely in this demo. That surprised Ellison.

Already Announced at OpenWorld

Earlier discussions have covered Oracle’s public cloud strategy, big data focus and cloud partner program.

Check back every few minutes for updates.

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