Friday's Last Word: SAP VP Meaghan Sullivan

August 3, 2012

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Friday's Last Word: SAP VP Meaghan Sullivan

By samdizzy


It’s nearly time to exit for the weekend. But before Talkin’ Cloud unplugs for a little rest and relaxation, here’s a little something called “Friday’s Last Word.” This weekly quick-hit interview features channel executives who have deep cloud services expertise. Stepping into this week’s spotlight: Meaghan Sullivan, VP of global channel marketing at SAP.

Sullivan, a Hewlett-Packard veteran, jumped to SAP several weeks ago. What else is new in her life — beyond the day-to-day business deadlines? Here’s the update.

1. Last Concert Attended:  Justin Bieber!  My 9 year old is crazy about him and fully expects that she will marry him when she gets older. So, I took her and her sister to the JB concert for their first concert EVER! Talkin’ Cloud Spin: We’re still struggling to write a witty reply on this one.

2. Last Movie Seen:  The first and second Batman movies. I’m working on watching the entire trilogy and am going to see the Dark Knight in the next few days.  Great movies but I didn’t realize how dark they really are! Talkin’ Cloud Spin: Batman Begins (episode 1) remains one of the great underrated moves of all time. Dark Knight (episode 2) has worn out our Blu-ray player. And Dark Knight Rises (episode 3) delivers the goods.

3. Last Big Career Break: When SAP hired me as the VP Global Channel Marketing five weeks ago! Talkin’ Cloud Spin: Congrats on that recent news.

4. Last TV Show You Really Loved: Seinfeld! Never missed an episode. They don’t make them like they used to! Talkin’ Cloud Spin: Jimmy loves Seinfeld. And The VAR Guy (Talkin’ Cloud’s sister site) loves Seinfeld, too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

5. Last Really Big Idea You or Your Company Had: Creation of HANA Edge… BIG DATA for SMBs and we’re taking it through the channel! Talkin’ Cloud Spin: Lots of channel partners are overlooking that Big Data opportunity. Time for that to change.

6. Last Gadget Purchased: iPad 3 (the “new iPad“) and I’m loving the dictation feature! I barely even use a keyboard anymore. Talkin’ Cloud Spin: Dictation is cool but long live keyboards (at least for bloggers…).

7. Last App Installed: Pulse: Coolest news feed I’ve ever seen! Talkin’ Cloud Spin: Absolutely agreed.

8. Last Cloud Service Accessed: iCloud to transfer all my songs, videos and apps onto my new iPad! Talkin’ Cloud Spin: Sounds like Big Data on a small device.

Thanks for the update, Meaghan.

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