Friday's Last Word: BetterCloud CEO David Politis

August 17, 2012

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Friday's Last Word: BetterCloud CEO David Politis

By samdizzy


It’s nearly time to exit for the weekend. But before the Talkin’ Cloud blogger team goes offline — at least for a few hours — it’s time for Friday’s Last Word. This week’s update comes from David Politis, CEO of BetterCloud, a fast-growing Google Apps channel partner.

Politis also leads the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps, a network of independent SaaS providers that build and deploy applications for the Google Apps partner and customer ecosystem. But what does Politis do when he isn’t busy building cloud companies? Here’s the update.

1. Last Concert Attended: Ladysmith Black Mambazo at City Winery in New York City. My sister was in town, visiting from Israel, and we both really love the group and venue. Talkin’ Cloud’s Spin: Family, fine drinks and fine music. The perfect triple play.

2. Last Movie Seen: The Art of the Steal on Netflix. I’ve gotten really into documentaries lately and this one focuses on the Barnes’ Collection outside of Philadelphia and the destiny of the collection — with one group interested in moving the collection to a museum for financial reasons and the other trying to uphold Barnes’ legacy and keep the collection as an educational institution. Talkin’ Cloud’s Spin: I’m addicted to Netflix — particular the documentary section. Just wish the inventory was a bit larger…

3. Last Book Read: The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art. Clearly there’s a theme here. After watching Art of the Steal, I became really interested in art. This book by Don Thompson explores why some works go for millions and others are simply ignored and even had some really good lessons about name recognition and branding. Talkin’ Cloud’s Spin: Ah, the power of the brand.

4. Last Big Career Break: Founding BetterCloud and in the process, moving back to New York. We’ve had a lot of great success especially since releasing our new Google Apps management tool, FlashPanel, but the highlight of my career thus far was the simple act of founding the company. It’s fun to be in such a fast moving and nascent industry where so many ideas have yet to be explored. Talkin’ Cloud’s Spin: There’s nothing — nothing — like being an entrepreneur.

5. Last Conference Attended: Google I/O. Attending Google’s annual developer conference really shows you the passion that exists in the Google community. People have devoted their entire careers to developing for the Google platform and it was great to see the belief and excitement from everyone attending and speaking at I/O. Not to mention all the cool t-shirts that everyone was sporting and the free stuff from Google. Talkin’ Cloud’s Spin: Google I/O is the must-attend event for those who are seeking to network with the next generation of developers.

6. Last TV show you really loved: Vintage Office. Dunder Mifflin may be focused on paper sales and we rarely if ever print anything, but our company cultures are eerily similar. Last week we established the PPC and tend to congregate in our tiny conference room. Talkin’ Cloud’s Spin: The key word… Vintage.

7. Last really big idea you or your company had: Our “Version Now” white paper. Keeping with our company focus (all Google), we decided it only made sense to house our latest white paper in a Google Doc. BetterCloud’s Keys to Managing Your Google Apps Domain aims to help Google Apps admins more efficiently and effectively manage their domains. And since it’s in a Google Doc, we’ll be adding a new section about every two weeks. Users can see the updates from the same link and we’ve even given readers comment access. We’ve already had over 2000 Google Apps admins access it. Talkin’ Cloud’s Spin: I may need to borrow that idea…

8. Last gadget purchased: Chromebook. I was a little late to the game, but finally got one and now I don’t go anywhere without it. Talkin’ Cloud’s Spin: I purchased a Chromebox a few weeks ago. Looking back I wish I had purchased the Chromebook. I didn’t realize how much I dislike “going” to a specific room and desk to use a computer. Long live mobile.

9: Last app you installed: Uber (on-demand request tool for a private driver) on my Android. We tried to get them to send an ice cream truck to our office to no avail, instead I went out and bought the team some Haagen-Dazs. Talkin’ Cloud’s Spin: Uber installing now on my iPhone. Ice cream run later tonight…

10. Last cloud service you accessed: Expensify. Just finished entering in my expense for the week. Talkin’ Cloud’s Spin: Filing expenses are a sore subject around here. Always a day late (well, two weeks late) and a few receipts short…

Memo to readers: Read all of our Friday’s Last Word Interview archives here. Also, want to have the last word on Talkin’ Cloud? Email Editorial Director Joe Panettieri, joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com.

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