eXalt Debuts Knowledge Work as a Service

eXalt Solutions is coming out of a controlled release of knowledge work as a service with several long-standing customers including Intel.

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August 25, 2016

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eXalt Debuts Knowledge Work as a Service

PRESS RELEASE — Boston, Mass., August 25, 2016 – eXalt Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based digital transformation services for B2B enterprises, today announced the commercial availability of their Knowledge Work-as-a Service (KWaaS) platform. The company is coming out of a controlled release of KWaaS with several long standing customers including Intel and holds many patents in this space. In our accelerated digital economy, time and transaction volume are being compressed at unprecedented rates. Companies can scale their output to be many times their peers by leveraging KWaaS. eXalt’s KWaaS platform bridges the many internal knowledge gaps that stall the B2B sales process, making processes digital end-to-end without human touch, and providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“If your company has not already been hit hard by digital transformation then the time to act is now as many companies may not make it through this market shift,” said Leslie Swanson, President and Chief Executive Officer, eXalt Solutions.

“Traditional B2B enterprises will not be able to keep up with competitors, large and small, who have digitally transformed even portions of their business with Knowledge Work Automation.  This is especially true for companies who grow their business by increasing headcount or who decrease costs with outsourcing/offshoring. First movers are successfully moving web sales and operations to KWaaS and followers may find themselves obsolete.  Taking no action is the most dangerous choice of all as change continues to accelerate at an unprecedented pace.”{ad}

A recent report* by McKinsey & Company estimates that by 2025 the automation of knowledge work will have an economic impact of between $5-7 trillion, and will impact 230+ million knowledge workers globally.  eXalt has found that as much as 50-70% of work in the B2B sales process alone is rules-based and repetitive.

“Digital labor is rapidly becoming indispensable to companies wanting to stay competitive in the marketplace,” said Stephen Hendrick, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “It enables companies to scale more rapidly and to produce more with their existing employee base. eXalt’s Knowledge Work-as-a Service (KWaaS) platform is wildly unique, as it takes digital transformation throughout the entire organization.”

Knowledge Work Automation Better Together Philosophy
eXalt’s philosophy is ‘Better Together’ where human and digital labor produce more at a higher level of quality as a team – giving their customers unlimited scale. eXalt is the only company to weave an end-to-end fabric of Digital Threads from Sales through Delivery where Digital Labor takes over the rules-based repetitive tasks, bringing companies closer to customers, freeing up their best people to do high value work, and enabling significant cost savings overall. In the past automation was seen as a ‘tool’ used by human labor but now Digital Labor is an important co-worker and a necessity for every team in the future.

KWaaS Platform Removes the Roadblocks to B2B Digital Transformation
Digital transformation can be a daunting task for companies who are often siloed, who lack expertise or resources, or who mistakenly think …


… digital transformation is yet another IT project.  eXalt addresses these issues by making it easy.  Because eXalt’s KWaaS platform is a service, implementation it can be completed in weeks without a major outsourcing or IT project.  Marketing, eCommerce or operational executives can specify business rules changes that eXalt loads into its cloud platform without any software or IT involvement.

Traditional B2B Sales Process Won’t Scale and Can’t be Addressed with B2C Technology
The traditional B2B sales process is notoriously slow and has many knowledge gaps that are bridged by high touch manual labor across a vast partner ecosystem.  To scale and remain competitive, B2B companies can no longer rely on traditional phone sales or use B2C digital approaches because B2B customers demand:

  • Personalized Self-Service for Solutions not Products:  B2B buyers need to purchase complete interoperable solutions and not just a single standalone product as in B2C.  Because buyers are 70% of the way through their purchasing decision before they call a sales rep, it is critical to create a digital relationship with the customer early in the research phase. Buyers will purchase more when they save time and reduce uncertainty.

  • Agility: B2B buyers need information from both the reseller’s back-office and an entire partner ecosystem of distributors, vendors and integrators.  Buyers demand agility and expect this information to be retrieved, aggregated and presented almost instantaneously without human delay.

The platform offers three pillars of digital transformation to B2B enterprises:

  • Digital Advisors: Provide buyers smarter ways to shop and solve their problems right at the Digital Front door of the business.

  • Digital Administrators: Make businesses more agile by sewing Digital Threads throughout the sales process

  • Digital Analysts: Use predictive intelligence to gain visibility and take action

Companies gain unprecedented customer intimacy through advanced self-service and ecommerce offerings, and they immediately reduce operational costs and delays, while gaining visibility for the necessary process refinements that help them work smarter.

“eXalt is a leader in building Solutions Sales Portals with advanced rules engines powering the world’s largest technology channel sites,” Swanson added. “In developing ecommerce portals for Vendors, Distributors and Resellers, we were helping them begin to digitally transform their enterprises before digital transformation was even a concept. Increasing scale and velocity has been our core business for 15 Years. Digital Transformation is a natural next step in our company’s growth and success.”

In the last year eXalt Solutions re-architected its platform to specifically address Knowledge Work Automation in the enterprise and launched a new website (www.exaltsolutions.com) that better reflects their new growth strategy for Digital Transformation.  eXalt’s affordable pricing plans are charged by the transaction for smaller organizations and offer an unlimited plan for large enterprises.

*Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy, McKinsey & Co., May 2013

About eXalt Solutions, Inc.
Our mission is to make business digital first by making processes digital end-to-end without human touch enabling companies to sell more, more profitably.  Our patented Knowledge Work as a Service (KWaaS) cloud platform offers three digital pillars: Digital Front Doors where buyers access smarter ways to shop and solve their problems, Digital Threads to make businesses more connected to themselves and each other resulting in agility and Digital Decisions that offer improved visibility and that can anticipate and act on change.  eXalt’s philosophy is Better Together where humans and digital labor produce more at a higher level of quality as a team – giving our customers unlimited scale. Visit: www.exaltsolutions.com.

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