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June 19, 2012

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Cloud Services Interview: LogicMonitor CEO Kevin McGibben

kevin mcgibben

In this Talkin’ Cloud interview, LogicMonitor CEO Kevin McGibben describes the past, present and future of his company — which offers a SaaS platform for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure monitoring.

Founded in 2008,  LogicMonitor now has more than 20 employees and revenues have grown several hundred percent over the past year — though Talkin’ Cloud doesn’t have access to exact revenue figures. Here’s a closer look at the company’s strategy, based on an email interview with McGibben.

Talkin’ Cloud: When did LogicMonitor start focusing on cloud computing and cloud services?

McGibben: From the beginning – the ability to monitor infrastructure in the cloud is inherent in our application’s design. Our monitoring solution is essentially a platform that has the ability to monitor, graph, and alert on any devices from which it can access monitoring data – and those devices can be local, virtual, in the cloud or any combination of the three.

Talkin’ Cloud: Do you have a channel partner program? If so, what types of partners do you attract?

McGibben: We partner with reseller’s, consultants, MSP’s and cloud providers. They tend to be strategic and/or referral partners. Some of our strategic partners include leading MSP’s such as DataVox and Zumasys.

Talkin’ Cloud: How do you expect your partner program to evolve this year and beyond?

McGibben: Because we are a SaaS solution and because we can essentially monitor any device across infrastructures – physical, virtual, and cloud – we’re well positioned to continue developing strategic and referral partnerships.  MSP’s and Cloud Providers “sell” their clients this notion of infrastructure that is effortlessly powerful, scalable, and always available.  Behind that are a lot of moving parts that need, not good, but great monitoring and alerting in order to make the promise of the cloud a practical reality – we provide that, so we are a necessary and desirable partner in multiple channels.

Talkin’ Cloud: What are some of the core products or services you’ve launched in the past year and how are they performing so far?

McGibben: Our core product monitors cloud infrastructure and several dozens of devices, so with us it’s more about widening even further the breadth of what we can monitor. As a monitoring platform there is essentially no end to what we can plug into our application. For example we recently added Sitemonitor – which gives clients the ability to externally monitor the performance and availability of their websites. It’s yet another piece in our ability to monitor everything top-to-bottom in the IT stack.

Talkin’ Cloud: So what ultimately makes LogicMonitor unique for virtual and cloud environments?

McGibben: There are four points I’d like to make here.

  1. With LogicMonitor, you can consolidate all the monitoring data (and alerting) from all the layers on all your systems (physical, virtual and cloud) in one tool, in a single pane of glass.

  2. Consolidated monitoring gives you the ability to monitor across your entire infrastructure, which makes it easy to trace and pinpoint performance issues no matter what layer they occur on. With disparate monitoring systems, cross-correlating metrics to ferret out the root cause can be very time consuming and require multiple engineers.

  3. For cloud providers, LogicMonitor makes their engineers faster and smarter. An entry-level engineer can essentially perform monitoring and troubleshooting tasks normally associated with mid-level or even senior engineers.  So cloud providers essentially get an increase in their staff’s skill-level and output, without the increase in pay grade.

  4. As a SaaS-based solution, if there’s an outage or issue with your infrastructure, your monitoring stays up, is instantly available as your infrastructure comes back up, and can give you historical monitoring data on the spot that may help pinpoint the root cause of the outage.

Talkin’ Cloud: How is the market evolving this year?

McGibben: We’re seeing widespread adoption of SaaS in industries such as government, banking, and healthcare – industries that were previously opposed. Companies are finally seeing the wisdom in hosting monitoring outside of their own environment, whether it’s physical, virtual, or in the cloud.

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